An Innocent Night Turns Interesting  

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6/4/2006 4:39 pm

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An Innocent Night Turns Interesting

This weekend, or rather Friday night to be exact, my girlfriend (we'll call her "K" for now) and I went out to a great place downtown for dancing and drinks. Mostly dancing, since I myself never drink... (remember this part, it's a key point in the night)
She was dressed down in a sexy halter top and mini skirt, and I was wearing my favorite black jeans and a black top which reveals pretty well everything but the nipples. So, we got to the club and were getting our groove thing on, when at some point K came over to me and begged me to take a shot that the bartenders bought for the two of us. She told me I could just pretend to drink it (um.. I am talented with my mouth, but have yet to learn that trick). So I came over and I'm thinking, well it's just one shot - I'll be fine to drive by the time the club closes if I get a little buzzed. So, I down the shot as fast as I can, since I can't stand the taste of alcohol (one of the several reasons I literally NEVER drink), and it's burning all the way down. So I ask K what it was that I just drank, and she informs me that it's Bacardi 151.. not exactly the best thing for me to do a shot of. So about two seconds after I do the shot, I'm completely drunk. No joke, one shot and I'm drunk. I can barely balance standing still, so I take to the dance floor and figure that if nothing else I can pass the stumbling off as dancing, but I was fine as long as I kept moving.
So before long, K and I are on the stripper pole at this club, guys are throwing dollar bills at us, and of course the music is awesome. Then we move over to the cage and are dancing away, very seductively. When I refer to her as being my girlfriend it goes two ways - she's my friend who is a girl, but we are both bi as well and often get naughty together. Just the weekend before we were told by a security guard that it was okay to eat each other out at the club so long as our clothes stayed on and we were "discreet" about it, haha.
Well, not much time passed after the stripper pole and cage stuff, before we were in the back of the club making out and yep, you guessed it - 69ing. We gathered the attention of a few souls, who were cheering us on.
Unfortunately by the time the club closed (and several orgasms later), I was still too drunk to drive, and we were both 45 minutes from home. So we hung out in the parking lot for a short time trying to sober me up, before I finally handed the keys over to K. We then drove a short drive to a friend's house because we were too drunk and tired to drive all the way home. But once we were there, we were all too horny to just go to sleep, so one threesome and too many orgasms to count later, we all three snuggled up and fell asleep. The End... until next week

n0tatalker 40M

6/8/2006 8:35 am

if y0u ever want to go out and n0t drink s0me time... y0u can bring y0ur friend! i think it's a really g0od idea!

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