stridertheranger 50M
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8/14/2006 2:07 pm

As I said in the preamble, this is new to me but I have reached the point and seen enough
around me to come to this as the next step. And that next step is to tell a bit of myself. I
am a compassionate man toward people and planet and love women in their glory. I’ve
been around and have some experience and look for women of compatible body and soul.
I am a Metro-hetro and to me that not just a straight who gets manicures, as the CBC
would have you believe, but a man who doesn’t believe in the rigid sexual roles and
stereotypes of an inherently sexist society. I prefer the relationship define the separate
roles and I’ll add, I’m am far from traditional.
I am thoughtful in mind and towards people. I have an intellectual side but can be
emotional and passionate as well. I work on myself to be the best man I can and that’s the
advantage of being a thinker: I look at what I do, even if after the fact, and adjust myself
accordingly. I have a strong spirit and am liberal in outlook.
I’ve been around the block and have some war wounds. I look for companionship of
accepting temperament or even some wounds of her own I love sexual pleasure but hold
disdain for thoughtless or careless hedonism. I approach love with respect and ask that she
does the same. I am currently studying Tantra, the Eastern art of sexuality, and look
forward to practicing or putting into practice should the right conditions come along. So I
look forward to meeting and exchanging souls and if we connect, possibly taking further
My ears and mind are open to your words. I would love to hear from you and maybe we
can connect mentally and/or physically.

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