stretch630 30M
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4/23/2006 8:18 am

I met the hottest little GODDESS last night. I went to a friend of my roomates to play poker, and this little gash was so hot! At the end of the night after flirting with her all night I asked her how old she was......She hesitated....then said "Young, how old would you guess?" I should have said "old enough for me to chew on your roast beef sammitch!" But I said, "well, you said you go to the casino, so I will guess 21". She said "Nope, I'm 18." I went into default mode! Total meltdown and said "Oh Honey, you could give this old man a heart attack" and I walked away. I can't do dat....right? I mean....18? And totally hot. She had dark brown hair, almost black and long. OHHHH, Fuck. I'll never get that chance again. She kept looking at me across the table and fripping that hair, by the end of the night it was looking like "just got Ass Fucked hair!!!!". I could see that she would've went for the sugar daddy thing, and I would've given her everything just to eat her pussy one time....for about an hour. The friend of my roommate was her boss, and he sepperated us once by moving me when she sat down next to me for the game. It was so opportunistic too, because then we were able to wink and smile all night at eachother. I will never forget her face, and we didn't even FUCK.

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