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strangeattitude 42M
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5/28/2006 8:00 am
true story

i'm intrigued by this site, for sure, but am i the only person who isn't masturbating online? i read all of these great stories but haven't experienced the cyber sex. maybe i'm naiive, but i think posting my erect cock photo is boring/ pedestrian. my face looks good, my body is righteous, and my cock could emcee at the oscars. i love all of the beautiful pictures of the real women on this site, it really turns me on. but i have to say, LADIES!, the model book photos are extremely boring, we've all got pictures that flatter us and make us look good, congratulations to all the folks who uploaded a glamour shot. maybe we all want to be represented in the best light, but i'll take the bad webcam shot over the glossy stripper pics. the picture on my page is horrible, i've never looked worse, but i dont care because even looking shitty, i still look pretty good. looks are key, but personality closes the deal. the woman that hooks up with me will be blessed, i'm a professional writer, i'm intrigueing, but not maudlin, or a honeydripper. i like people that like themselves, self esteem IS the most attractive thing about anybody. do you look good because you look good? do you feel good because you like yourself? if you are genuine, get in touch, if you're posting the best picture ever taken of you, let it go. we're all beautiful, but how many of us are interesting, or worth getting to know? i want a girl who's smart, sassy, and self assured that wants to seduce me and create a dialogue. believe me when i tell you that the intelligent and sexy, confident woman who inspires me will recieve knee-buckling e-mails. i want to share something, if it's not personal, it doesn't mean anything to me. i can make you fall off your bed with just my words.....true story

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