How does a man make the cut?  

straightguyinla 46M
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2/19/2005 2:24 am

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How does a man make the cut?

We all know that AdultFriendFinder is very competitive for men. So tell me, ladies or couples -- when you have 10's or 100's of male respondents to choose from, how do you make your selection? What are the qualities and criteria that are most important to you? Is it intelligence, attitude, looks, age, success ... ???? And don't give me this "I just like someone who's nice" B.S., because "nice" is a vacuous adjective that describes 99% of us. When you get turned on by a guy because he is "nice," you are probably responding to something else subconsciously. So search your souls and tell me what it is. On the flipside, what are the worst instant turn-offs?

Educate me so I can be a better candidate.

-- SWM in LA


3/4/2005 9:08 pm

Hi-I'll be honest. I like a man is at least cute, nice body, and laid back attitude. I liked the email you sent us. That did get my attention. We've received quite a few emails where guys boast about their skill, say only what they want to do to me or what they want to do(which leaves my guy out), that's a big turn off. we're looking for people that are real and not into themselves. I like to meet men that are very laid back and personable. I've actually made quite a few friends from this site, guess my being selective has paid off. "M"

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