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3/25/2005 3:07 pm

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Deep Thoughts by str8sex70


Sitting around the house on Good Friday enjoying my day off thinking just how damn lucky I am. Since joining AdultFriendFinder I have met 6 women that I have enjoyed emencely. I am a good judge of character and I weeded out a few non real people along the way. I invested a fair bit of time to meet these women but in every case it was worth it. AdultFriendFinder offers lots things and it takes some time to figure out what you desire and how to go about acquiring it. Many of the women I have met have others they see regularly so that makes me a part time lover too many of them. I was saying to one lover how I don’t get anyone to myself and she pointed out to me that the guys these girls see regularly only get that girl and I get a small part of each girl. When she said it like that I felt way different. I am blessed.

I have gone from gold to basic member on AdultFriendFinder because my dance card is full at the moment. I have one more girl to meet and she and I have talked for a long time. She lives in a different city and soon we will meet. I know her and I will get a bit kinky.

I do have to say though that if you know who you are and are honest about it this whole web site can work in your favor.

The pic I posted for this blog is a look at some of the fun I have had so far. Damn that’s hot!


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