sweet nectar godess!!!  

stormoz 46F
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2/26/2006 9:18 pm

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4/7/2007 6:26 am

sweet nectar godess!!!

As you breathe the morning air into your lungs...warmth filters through the core of your domain...you sense I am no longer there, hmmm, where is my sweet nectar godess gone...ahhhh....as you ascertain resonance of water flowing from the bathroom, cheeky thoughts compel you to investigate...
Steam fills the bathroom, as I enjoy the cleansing of my corpus...My mind saturated with passion ruminate the energy shared from the previous night...As I find myself gently probing my pussy...my clit so aroused from thought...
I do not hear you enter, but soon feel your presence hard from behind..."oh, good morning babe"... With silence I sense your lips upon my neck....Ebullience rushes through every inch of my body...Weakened by the virility of your hard throbbing cock, my moist inlet palpitates to the desire of feeling you deep and hard within...
The sensual touch of your hands exploring my breasts...you ease your fingers inside my pussy....then tracing it all over my lips and into my mouth...tasting my sweet juices from your touch...Our bodies now soaked from water...The heat driving us both insane...One hand pressed up against the shower tiles, you thrust yourself inside me intensely, grasping one thigh and elevating it...Our desires embodied into one...Every motion in sync, the energy infused and entwined...you release your cock from within me ...now teasing my throbbing clit with the head of your manhood...then ramming yourself hard in again..."oh babe, I am going to cum"...My pussy tightening and clenching your cock as juices drip away..."now damn it fuck me hard babe"...With one deep thrust felt deep inside me...I squeeze intently, feeling your cum shoot to the bosom of my soul...."mmm"
NOW in the Kitchen "Bitch"...I say...hahahaha

rm_tallhornyhot 48M

2/27/2006 4:29 am

exactly, to the kitchen, surfaces and instruments aplenty. then, into the lounge, comfy spaces to lay and roll. into the hallway, long stretch of floor to work down, brief stopover in the office for some furniture relocating, and paper rustling. then a tumble and a roll into the master bedroom. king sized bed with silk sheets to slip and slide upon. until slumber overtakes...then....
as you breathe the morning air into your lungs.....


rm_timwdhs 53M
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2/27/2006 6:38 am

very very good storm l enjoyed that very much and it gives a little more insite to you and you certanly know how to write sexualy cant what to here more . xxx

Ceraph2000 48M
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2/28/2006 11:56 am

Hmmm Well that was well written and thought out if i must say! Got me thinking of many many many things! Great visual Imaginary and Fantastic use of Time,Space and Feeling You really do capture the moment and sense of the event! It brought a warm energy to my bieng for sure! Nice One Babe!xx

Wheres the kitchen?

excitemenow55 62M
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2/28/2006 5:12 pm

Hey storm, excite here ... "good mornng babe". Whilst ebullience may be what you experienced with the feel of lips touching your neck, for me I felt ebullient magnified by the 000's. From your pic i feel your breasts are a delight to explore and excite and your juices are pure love godess nectar so beautifully sweet and pure amidst the heat from the steam emanating from yourself. Feeling your pussy with my fingers is moments of excitement, b4 my cock thrusts inside your pussy. Pulsating and throbbing with anticipation of our mutual cumming and juices flowing from the heavens, as they only do with a goddess, harder as my cock moves in and out ... we move together as one ... in and out of your pussy ... ever so much to the place of beauteous exstacy / agony .. i feel the moment am in the moment .... about to cum as i titillate your clit with the head of my now throbbing, aching (beautifuly so) cock. oh your energy draws me inside you again oh oh i feel as i'm going to cum more like explode, oh fuck fuck i thrust you hard and you return by squeezing my cock with the walls of your pussy. Ah the goddeses' juice,s i feel and caress as my cum explodes through sheer excitement. What,.... kitchen now, bitch? hang about... ok

Your blog (s) are Sensations filled.

They are as blissfully numbing as your chat imagery of last night .. your pacing and timing a delight to excite .. thankyou goddess storm

rm_ancodreng 48M

4/24/2006 9:13 am

Wouww thats a morning i would like to have more often....hmmm
Maybe i have to stop working on sundays..haha

It gives me a sence of life...........i can allmust taste it..and you too..

God´onya shila!

Sorry about my spelling(hope you understand)
Ancodreng Denmark overseas

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