Ease up govenor!!!!!!  

stormoz 46F
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12/30/2005 7:55 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ease up govenor!!!!!!

Babe I no longer have a phone, I threw it in the ocean, seriously.

Im not an angry man.

Sweet I am following a mission in which currently I seem unresourceful, unreachable, and reclusive in the modern social world. It is upon the edges of poverty in which I am creating an empire that will soon explode riches of the heart, soul, gloriously flourished upon pure clarity of mesmerising grace. Until my time arrives, I am chained to the progression of reaching a gateway releasing a king whom will lead the people to a better way.

The story, the chapter, is still being written, for now my powers are useless and thy force silent.

I promise you sweet, I am no simple man, and I am here for a reason, the challenges I strive to conquer will reward a future with unlimited prize. Please be an outlet for me. I am alone and im suffering, you are a vision, you are an icon, you are my sanctuary and you bring me relief with your devine outside perspective. You allow me to see, that the world is a bigger place than the local suburbia of Adelaide. With words to you, I can clarify and clear the the storms in my soul. It is poetry that I send to you.

Do not love me, only hear me.

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