Love with the colour of coffee  

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5/11/2006 8:52 am

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Love with the colour of coffee

This isn’t a love fairy tale or a heartbreaking story, this is something I thought imagination could never reach, or perhaps imagination is beyond our reach…

Emily was her name, and that’s all I knew about her. Until that nippy autumn morning, when every breath of air was filled with jasmine scent. Like my boring usual life for the past two months, I have a cup of double espresso at the Starbucks just around the corner every morning to start my day, and that’s where I met her. We hardly spoke, besides the usual greeting and my unchanged order ever since I moved to New York. It may have been a daily routine for me, but somehow it always felt like the highlight of my day. She had this smile, not those bright happy ones, rather shy and conservative. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl around the block, but she caught more attention than any others, there was just something about her that made her special. For two months, I drank coffee every morning just to catch a glimpse of her, her voice echoed in my ears and her smile raised my heartbeat, sometimes stopped it. I no longer knew whether I was sipping coffee or her slowly and consciously deep into me and as time went by, the coffee tasted stronger and stranger. Then I knew the time has come for me to quit this extraordinary ritual. So that morning, I stayed home, afraid that I wouldn’t be able to control myself once I walked out my door, fear of an addiction I didn’t understood till it was out of control, knowing my life will never be the same and that was actually going to hurt for a while and it did, I made myself a cup of coffee to seize the craving, it didn’t taste bad, just didn’t taste the same. By now you must be as confused as I was, or perhaps you think you know something that I didn’t realize about myself. But the truth is I knew I was in love, I fell in love with Emily the coffee girl, and coffee was just an excuse to disguise my feelings for her or arguably my lack of courage to pursue a love to be remembered. It was all to late, maybe it was better this way, at least it will always be perfect because it will never be a love that didn’t last. The night before that autumn morning when the air was filled with jasmine scent, I found out her name as she stood by my best friend, hand in hand…

This isn’t a movie script nor was this story wrote to shed your tears; this is the story of a man who tasted the best coffee then never to find the same. So be happy for him, because he is. He no longer drinks coffee but he is in love!

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