totally dry for the day....  

steward_chan 36M
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8/31/2006 11:07 pm

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9/10/2006 2:58 am

totally dry for the day....

<------from pervious blog----

As promise she gave me a call after her lesson, ask for my address and said she be reaching abt 30 mins later. So while waiting for her, i prepare my adult toys which i be using on her later. Meanwhile i turn on my vcd to look at some porno juz to warm up my asset to make sure it will be as good as what she had try earlier. Within 20 mins she reaches my place & we went for a bath first before any foreplay. We bath together as she clean me up from head to toes. To clean up what has left in my asset, she suck it again & this time is damn throughout..As she suck, my dick get harder & harder. So even before we can finish the bath, i position her in the doggy position & spurn her in the back.."Oh my god its in toliet again". The feeling was great becos the water is juz spraying on top while u are ***king. I know she was enjoying as she moan louder & i can hear the slapping getting louder too as i increase my speed.After a while of pumping i shouted to her " i'm cuming in ur month " so i pull it out she suck all in dearly. After a while in there, we dry ourselves & proceed to my bedroom. When she step in, she was surprise to see my toys waiting for her & she choose the fake dick and put it on for me. I wanted to lick her vagina for her but she told me not to waste time as she need to rush home. So with my fake dick i slap her in between her tigh but this time in the asshole. Suddenly she was shock and a bit in pain becos she did not try before. But after inserting a few time it get smoother & smoother. She was feeling great as this was her 1st try on ass. Trying a fresh hole with a fake dick was bored so i took it out & insert the real thing in. The feeling was great when inserting in, it was so tight in there that i felt like cumming in her ass..So i spent over 30 mins on her ass just to satify enough for me. Then i re-insert into her vagina again, position her on top of me & make her ride on me. I swear on my life she was damn good at it becos she use spinning tactic to satify me too!! Can u feel that using spinning on you? that was great guys!
I nearly cum i her when she keep on spinning for 5 over mins & i can feel her getting very wet in there. So i stop her juz before i'm cuming in her. I lay her down again on the bed, spread her legs wide juz over my head & slap her in between her tigh again.Its was my favourite position & i can see she was enjoying alot as i pump on.I can see she was abit tired so i ask wat happen? She said" i had my orgasm & i'm tired . Are u done?"
So i replied by asking "i'm nearly done so do i cum in you or?" She said" either u cum in me or u wanna cum in my mouth?" After thinking for a while i replied "i'll be delighted to cum in you". So i waste no time again to errupt all i have in her.The cum was not that much becos it was the 3rd time in a short few hours. So its was a totally dry in me. Overall it was tired too & i wanted to sleep. So after dressing up, i accompany her down. Flag a cab, pass her taxi fare and we kiss each other goodbye!! So the rest of the day i slept throughout till next morning! Its was a great day man!

rm_Rusty_28 43M
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9/1/2006 12:01 am

nice hot encounter...congrats...

u think she keen for 3some with another guy there to pleasure her??

poiuytre80 42M

9/1/2006 9:53 am

What about foursome??? hhaha

rm_suckme2day2 47M
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9/10/2006 2:38 am

page 19 of the Taiwan "Long Hu Bao" magazine? gimme a break.
maybe i m not as boastful, but i have screwed dozens of women in the past 2 decades, but none is what u mentioned, in the story of yrs.
maybe, u r a born author, while i m just a fucker.

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