Just like I said it would...  

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7/19/2006 5:35 pm

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Just like I said it would...

Phase one of the divorce.

I went to court last week for the restraining order. My husband showed up all dresses up in a suit and tie. BUT! He showed up without an attorney. Lucky for him that my attorney handled everything and kept us out of the courtroom. My attorney said that if we went in front of this one judge my husband would have been in trouble. He had 2 full weeks to get an attorney. He did not have one or even look for one until the night before. YES, I said the night before! He was looking on the internet for a divorce attorney in Fort Worth that would be able to represent him the next morning. It was a sunday night after about 6 p.m.

We were there and my attorney did all of the paperwork and told my husband that with doing the math, this is what he had to pay in child support and spousal support. My husband signed the paperwork and we went home.

Later in the day, my husband told me that he feels like my attorney cheated him. I told him that if he had an attorney, they would have worked everything out. It has been over a week and he still has not talked to an attorney.

I guess that I have him spoiled, I do everything for him so that he doesn't have to. Well, this is something that he will have to do himself. I feel like I need to tell him that he needs an attorney for court. He just doesn't get it that he has to go out and find one. Maybe it is easy to find one at the court house right before court, but I would not thing that it would be a good idea.

This is one of the main reasons that I am getting a divorce. I am tired of being the one that does everything. I have 2 kids that are mine and his, but I have to do everything for him too. It is like having 3 kids, but my 2 kids listen to me and do what I tell them to do. My husband is 44 years old and does nothing for himself. He says that he knows how, but he just doesn't like to do it.

Maybe I should get him a referral from my attorney and email it to him. At least my attorney would give me a name of someone that does not know what they are doing and I will get everything that I want out of this divorce.

corvinus1999 37M

8/4/2006 4:00 pm

damn thats drama.. u need a good laid! i live in arlington as well. i sent u email come and check it out -ryan

letsgosexyone 50M

8/6/2006 10:20 pm

Darn shame on the divorce but it's a typical situation. It's good to see you're not feeling too bad about this. I have a friend who let her husband walk all over her in the divorce even though she had an attorney and he didn't. He'd just deny signatures, harrass her on the phone and then send the papers back with the changes he wanted. She made her attorney make the changes and resubmit the paperwork. In the end her attorney called the deal "fair" but only because she gave up too many items.

It's good you donn't let sentimentality sell you short. Stick with letting your attorney get all they can. That's what they do and they typically do it well.

steelmagnolias1 50F

8/6/2006 10:47 pm

I feel that I am the smart one in this divorce. I stopped letting my heart lead the way when it comes to him. The major difference was a restraining order. My attorney insisted on it. He did not ask me, he told me that we were getting one against my husband. It changed his entire attitude. He knows that if he calls and harasses me, calls me names or bothers the kids, he will end up in jail. My attorney made sure that he understood that jail thing.

FYI! Judges and attorney's do not like dealing with stupid people that don't hire an attorney. The judge will get mad because in the long run, he is also an attorney! My attorney said that when someone doesn't have an attorney they are just hurting themselves. Judges will almost always go in favor of the person that has an attorney. They know that the cheap ass is trying to save money so he makes them lose more in the long run. Funny how things work out that way!

Have a good one. Check back soon, I will be posting the newest drama in the life of a divorcing woman!

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