Why the f*ck can't people find something better to do with their time than suppress sexuality?!?  

stealthcat777 52M
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4/8/2005 12:08 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why the f*ck can't people find something better to do with their time than suppress sexuality?!?

I mean! With all the hatred and corruption in the world. With all the hurt and suffering, these moral assholes have to spend all their time fighting homosexuality and sexual expression. Unfuckin-beleivable. Personally, I think it started freom some frustrated people way back when.

Random1962 56F

4/8/2005 12:46 pm

You've got to remember that this country wasn't settled by the open thinking Europeans who said sex was ok and fun. We were settled by the people who thought sex was dirty and should only be for procreation and then only in the dark, fully clothed, once a month and with the two people in seperate rooms of the home.

If people would just stay out of other folks bedrooms things would be a lot saner in the world. But that's not going to happen any time soon. So sit back, relax and watch the funny people get bent over what everyone else is doing.

DirtyLilSecret66 56F

4/8/2005 12:49 pm

I personally think it's due to excess testosterone in men, lack of in women. ALL TOGETHER NOW (sings)

I'd like to build the world a bed
And furnish it with lust
Make kissing fun, love everyone, and sucking is a must

I'd like to teach the world to cum
In perfect harmony
Orgasms filling every home in each community

That's the song I hear

Merry49 62F

4/8/2005 1:00 pm

So much for the land of the free, eh?

stealthcat777 52M

4/8/2005 2:09 pm

That is cute. Yes. It is true that we were originally founded by puritans who were kicked out of England for their extreme religious beliefs. In general, I do laugh at their little narrow minds and boxes and what they would say if they knew I liked a woman to dominate me with a strap-on. I am glad I live in California. At least here, the scene is more relaxed.

I just hate that in the bible belt that theses holy-than-though people are so twisted. Uh, I mean straight. I am the twisted one.

rm_me_again419 51M

4/10/2005 5:20 pm

Bofore you get carried away here.... There are up and down wether you live in the USA or Europe. I should know I lived in europe but I live in the US for a while now.

It is clear that Europeans view sex way different than Americans. It doesn't mean you broadminded will lead to more sexual encounters. Read on my friends.

Take The Netherlands, my country of origine and mostly regarded as the most sexual liberated in the world. So sex is not a taboo subject for neither girl or men. Mothers put their girl on the pill when they are around 14 or 15 (no minumum age for sex NOR for drinking in the Netherlands) so party on?

Not really because there is no taboo on sex teens are less willing to experiment on a young age. The average age a woman looses her virginity is 21. They are also less willing to experiment or searching for boundries later on in life.

Best sex I ever had was in the USA! Women are open to experiment. There is a reason exra-meritial sex is almost a national sport out here. I do find that American women are very hung up on looks where European like looks but love to make a connection!

I never found it hard to meet a woman out here, though women in CA (where I life) have a tendacy to be a little "stuck-up". Way more than for example Texas women who don't see a "Hey can I buy you a drink" as a "Hey I need to get in your pants". But that's an other blog.

So in short the USA isn't bad at all. Maybe even better. Remember at some point all the sexual suppression have to come out!

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