Fun on Akashat  

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9/11/2005 6:33 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Fun on Akashat

Ah, I feel a bit good today. Why? I got contacted on Akashat by someone named Firalyth. He wanted to have a little fun with me, so I agreed.

As soon as we got somewhere private, he had me undress him. He told me to sit in his lap. I did. Then the fun began.

He grasps my cock, stroking and caressing it as I sat there. I would moan and stroke myself as well. Everytime he caressed the head of my shaft, I would as well.

He told me he wanted to suck my cock. I agreed most eagerly. I stood and turned to him, leaning over the chair he was in and put my cock in his face. He opened his mouth and took me in.

How I wish it was real, a wonderful guy offering to suck me off. I didn't last long, as I splurted my cum in and out of the game.

He had me suck him next. Once again, I wished it was real, just so that I'd feel him in my mouth, hear his moans, and feel him fill my mouth with his jism for me to swallow.

I came again when he fucked me up the ass. And again when I was doing him up the ass. We went on for a while, switching into all sorts of positions we could think of. I must have cum at least five times before I couldn't find any more strength to stroke myself.

How I wish it was real...

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