The green Eyed Monster Rears Her Ugly Head AGAIN  

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7/12/2006 7:48 am

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The green Eyed Monster Rears Her Ugly Head AGAIN

Envy is the desire for another's traits, status, abilities, station, or worldly goods. It need not be associated with an object; its salient characteristic is the unfavorable comparison of one's own status with that of another.

In some cultures, envy is often associated with the colour green, as in "green with envy". The phrase "green-eyed monster" refers to an individual whose current actions appear motivated by envy.

Well peeps I have been informed the green eyed monster is walking around my blog again......

To her I say GET OVER IT

I cant help being : sexier
more attractive
more popular

and in everyway a superior being to you.


I guess I was just born that way.

Its just like a loser too to give up and badmouth peeps , rather then enter the comp and compete fairly. O well onto round two.

kisses Star

To anyone that wants go on google my entry pic.I dont care cause you aint going to find it anywhere but on my puter n here so grow up

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