An Unexpected Afternoon  

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7/16/2006 11:19 am
An Unexpected Afternoon

A medium long piece of erotic fiction based on a dream I had over night. Enjoy.
As she stirred awake, Ann looked out her bedroom Window. The sun was already pounding waves of heat like the ocean laps the shore. “Another scorcher,” she half said. She wanted to go back to sleep. She wanted to hide under the cool cotton covers. But she couldn’t. Sleep was coming back this morning. A few moments later, she was on her feet. A small tickle on her left calf demand attention, so she bent down to scratch. Not an itch, no, too furry and purring.
“Good morning Teddy” she said to the flat black Cat clinging to her leg. Teddy responded by just bumping his head against her ankles and purring loudly. Teddy and Ann had been together for a few months now. The met by chance one afternoon shortly after Ann moved out on her own again. All but giving up on finding any new friends, she decided to buy one at the shelter instead. Teddy proved to be a good choice. Cuddly, but not clingy and he enjoyed playing games with her when she was trying to use the computer. But Teddy wasn’t enough and Ann felt more lonely than ever.
But maybe not for much longer Ann thought to herself. Lunch would be here soon enough. A week again, Ann joined yet another dating site looking to see if maybe ‒ just maybe ‒ there was a nice guy out there for her. She found somebody that sounded ok. Not too tall, a bit chunky and he was funny enough to make her laugh out loud on line and sounded polite and charming enough to take the risk on. So they agreed: lunch at noon at the new deli just down the street from her condo.
As she stepped into the shower and cranked the heat up, she let her mind wander. A man. Was she really ready for that again? All the drama, the talking, the doubting, the discovery and the anticipation. Her last man ‒ that Jack ass. She threw her razor at the floor in a slight fit of rage. No, she definitely didn’t need that drama, that lying, that fighting and that anticipation again. Nor did ever need to come home and find her Man dressed in a sluty teddy and thigh-high hose with some other guy’s cock in his mouth. Just thinking about it made her queasy, angry and sad. “I shaved my legs for that.”
The towel was just starting to smell ever so slightly sour, so Ann dried herself off quickly and tossed it into the hamper as she came back into the bed room. Teddy was balled up and sleeping in the sunlight now streaming through the Window. Taking a quick glance at the clock ‒ damn, 7:13 already ‒ Ann dashed to the dresser and just started grabbing. The new white thong came out first, followed by the comfortably shaping bra she spent a just a bit too much for. But it felt so good and it made her look as perky as a 20-year old. “That’ll work.” She decided that socks or hose would just be too much for today. Over in the closet, the ligh purple sundress she got in Orlando two months ago just stood out today. Slipping it over her head, she remembered how the jack-ass said she didn’t it, that it was too expensive and it hung like a bag on her. “Just jealous that it didn’t cover your fat ass I bet” she mouthed as she checked herself out in the long mirror on the bed door. She stepped into a cute little pair of wedge shoes and then into her little Honda coupe.
Traffic was unusually light this morning, so when the Starbucks came into view, she decided to take the detour. She arrived at the office a few minutes before eight. Maybe it was going to be a good day afterall she dared to think. It didn’t prove out. Her newest co-worker, what was her name ‒ Karen, Sharon, whatever ‒ managed to screw up royally and now Ann’s whole section was spending time fixing that before Ann’s director called up to chew them out. Barbara, who’s cubical was just next to Ann’s, quietly walked into Ann’s cube. “What a mess, can you believe it?”
“She’s new, Barb, and its not like we haven’t all made our own doozies…”
“Whoa, who are you and what did you do with my Ann,” Barbara asked half questioningly, half jokingly.
“Oh, I’m just a good mood today.”
She thought about what to say. Barb was a good enough friend to know. She knew about the Jack ass, afterall, and she was the one that told Ann to “get the hell out there.”
“I… have a date.”
“A date?” Barbara asked with a slight hint of surprise in her voice.
“For lunch.”
“Girlfriend, tell me more.”
She wanted to. She wanted to tell her how he made her laugh, got her talking and how loved to listen to her. She wanted to tell her friend that she felt a connection ‒ that this might be something good. But she knew was just telling her what she hoped was true.
“Not much else to say just yet.”
The morning rolled at a face pace as the team worked to get back on schedule and soon enough it was 11:30. Ann had to go do it ‒ what she’d been dreading all morning. She couldn’t put it off much longer. She logged off, grabbed her bag and went around to her manager’s office.
“Hi Ray, busy?”
Ray looked away from his screen and up at her. “Hi Ann,” he grunted. “You coming to talk about Lisa too?”
“No, we’ve got it under control now.”
For the first time in weeks that she could recall, and maybe she was mistaken, but she thought she saw the beginning of a smile on Ray’s face. What he said next blew her away.
“I might be a bit late getting back from Lunch, I’ve got a …”
Ray unusually cut her off.
“Get going and don’t worry about it. I figured today was shot, so thank you for getting fixed. See you tomorrow.”
“Yeah, bug out for the rest of the day, you’ve got a long week coming up, I’ve got a surprise for you.”
Shit, she thought, you bastard. You going to dump on me again. “oh, okay.”
“Don’t fret, I just need you to go to a couple of meetings for me with Diego and his new client. I can’t make the trip, so I thought I’d ask you to go.”
“Me?” Ann was shocked. Ray never let her go to a client meeting without him, let alone with a Vice-President’s select client.
“Yeah, is it a problem?”
“Umm, no, of course not!”
“Good, I’m sure you’ll do fine. Get out of here, I’ve got a write-up to finish.”
“You know I can’t answer that” he said nodding his head yes.
Not quite a skip, but not quiet talking, Ann bounded towards the parking lot. Then the feeling that things were going too good, too easy hit. What disaster would it be: Would Kevin be a perv, as fat as Jabba the Hutt or just not even show up she wondered.
The short drive to the new deli seemed to take forever now and she was going to be late. What a great first impression, she thought. As she pulled into the parking lot, she saw what was likely to be his Pick-up Truck. Nicer than she thought it would be and there was a parking spot next to it. She took it. She could help but take a look into the cab either. A few pieces of mail in the passenger seat and a McDonalds coffee cup in the console. A clean cotton Yankee Candle Car Jar dangled from the rear view mirror. Good, the thought, at least he’s clean.
Waling to the door was easy, mustering up the courage to open it wasn’t. Did she really want to do this? Was It too soon? Was he going to be all she hope for? Only one way to find out. She grasped the hand pulled. Nothing happened. She pulled again. Still nothing. Then suddenly the door pulled back.
“Um, yeah. Nice to meet you.”
He had a slight smile framed with full lips. As he spoke, his lips parted slightly like they might if they were about to kiss her. She was too lost in them to answer back or even realize that she’d be pulling on the push in door. All she saw for ten seconds ‒ ten seconds that like ten hours ‒ were his lips.
“You too…” She finally gasped out as she regained her composure. “Sorry to be late.”
“No worries, I was too, crazy morning.”
“Really?” She was inspecting him now. Well, at least he was honest. Just tall enough ‒ maybe six foot, he had three or four inches on her. Lots of dark hair, good. Mustache, hum, that was different. Those lips again. They could be good. Squared off at the chin. More than a few extra pounds., but he carried it well. And then looked into his eyes.
Something was not quiet wrong with her, but she was feeling something both new but familiar. The tingles. It was his eyes. Not exactly brown, not exactly green, but some of each. Kind of big, the kind she almost swim in if she let herself. But no, she had to get control back. She couldn’t let herself fall for him that easily.
“Yeah, and you?”
“Same,” She paused at this, getting back on her mental feet. “but we recovered.”
“Great!, what are we having?”
She scanned the board quickly. A turkey and Swiss? No, while it sounded good, not right now. Carrot Cake? That sounds so good, but now way, not yet. Grilled Chicken Salad. Oh boy, had that yesterday someplace else, but she should eat something health. “The Chicken Salad for me, with tea?”
“Sounds good, I’ll put the order in, want to find us a table?”
A found a good table: quiet one, away from the bustle, not so secluded that she couldn’t easily make a break for it if needed. She sat in the chair opposite the wall and crossed her legs when she noticed a little scratch that Teddy made the day before when they were playing. Oh great, she thought. Just want I needed.
“Your Salad looks good, I and got you a couple of dressings to pick from.”
“Oh, dressings… good… thanks, I shoulda…”
“Don’t worry about it, I forgot my name when I first saw you.” He smiled and chuckled. A bit cheesy, but he was charming in his own way she thought. “That bad? I’m hurt,” she feigned.
“Oh, no, sorry if… I meant it… well, you’re… the pictures don’t do you justice.”
She felt a prick of heat flash over her face, and one just a bit lower too. Oh god, no, she though, not already, I can’t be attracted to him yet.
“Thanks, and no, no they don’t” she said smiling.
The rest of lunch was spent trading stories about work, a shared favorite TV show, and a couple of bad jokes. He laughed at hers. Not a forced laugh, but something she felt he meant. And then without really knowing it, she brushed her leg against his. She didn’t really know she’d done it until he stopped talking and gave her a dreamy look.
“Oh sorry… I didn’t mean to…” Ann started to say.
“Don’t be, I liked it.” He replied softly, “it was totally ok.”
“But I don’t want to give you the wrong idea” Ann almost automatically spat out like it was forced from endless practice.
“Ann,” he said very quietly and looking deeply into her eyes, “I want you too.”
She wanted to melt and she felt her body calling for him. From deep with she knew he was right, that she wanted to feel, to smell, to taste and to be with him. But, no, mustn’t, mustn’t given in so easily. She forced herself to tense up again. “You’re pretty confident, aren’t ya mister?”
“When I’m sure, yeah, I am.”
“Sure about what?”
“That I think we could something special,” he said, learning forward and taking her hand is his.
That first touch send a spark through her like she’d been shocked by a rug in cold heart of winter. She felt her internals warming now. Her body was telling her what mind wasn’t ready for.
“me… too… but…”
“I understand, it is really soon,” he replied with a reassuring smile. “and, honestly, I didn’t think I’d…”
She couldn’t help it, she clutched his hand tightly and wiggled a bit in the chair. “Shhh… don’t say it. Don’t kill the moment.” And with that, her Body won. “are you ready to prove it to me?” As she said it, she felt every part of her both relax and excite. He looked back in stunned silence as if he wanted to resist but couldn’t either and he was fumbling with himself.
“Well, sure, yeah but how?”
She laughed and kind of evil laugh. ‘Sush you, get in that pretty truck of yours and follow me. Understand me, Mister?”
“Yes Ma’am.”
Good she thought to herself, he’s going to play along. She loved this game, she already knew how she was going to work him up and over. The Jack ass never let her run it once they got married, so it had been so long. A brief moment of reality came over her: what if he’s… No, damn it, too late for that. Just thinking about, planning what she wanted to do next easily chased those thoughts away. As did the tensing of her nipples and the now burning in her thong.
As she pulled into her drive way and tapped the opener, she noticed he had parked in the street. Okay, good, she wasn’t parked in at least. She thought for a moment about doing something she’d never do. She quickly arched her back up, pulled the hem of her skirt up and fished for the sides of her thong. Finding them and as casually as she could, she wiggled out of them, stopping just for a moment to touch herself. Damn it, she was already very wet and far more warmed up than she though. She folded up the thong and put in her bag. She turned towards the mirror to watch in get out of the truck and start up the driveway. She wait for him to get half up and then threw the driver’s door open. She carefully arranged her skirt so that as she got of the car, he’d get a little bit of a show. Just enough to totally knock him off his feet, but not so much that she’d to be giving too much too soon.
The flash worked as planned. He stopped midstride and it took him more than a few seconds to recover. She smiled hard at him. “You like, huh?”
“Have you been like that...”
“A lady would never tell, and you mustn’t forget that I’m a lady, mister. You got that?”
“Yes what?” she demanded.
“Yes Ma’am.”
“That’s better. I’m my house, you need to show the proper respect.”
“Of course.”
“Sush. I only want to hear three things from you for the rest of the day, understand?”
“Good. Yes, Ma’am , no Ma’am, and I want to you to make lots of noise when you’re enjoy it. Do you understand me?”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“Good, now, mind the Cat. He’s friendly, but likes to get out.”
She strode into the house to see Teddy waiting where he normally did, lazing on the back of the couch. She walked over and scratched him behind the ears. Then she felt Kevin come up behind her. She back into him and took his left hand in hers. She felt his lips, those lips pressing against the nape of her neck. She let out a slight and uncontrolled moan as he worked up and down her neck and towards her left ear. And she could also feel his man bulge in just below the small of her back.
She turned to face him, took his jaw in her right hand and lip his down to hers. And first, it was awkward, but soon they were moving in harmony. She used her tongue to part his lips. She felt his go briefly week in the knees as she did. Soon the kissing as getting wild, and her hands were aggressively unbuttoning his shirt. When he broke for air, she took his shirt off and started exploring his chest with her lips. She like it, not too hairy, but not bare either. A few nicks and spots. She eagerly kissed, licked and bit one of his nipples. He groaned more loudly than she expected.
“You like that, huh?”
“Yes,” he groaned.
She immediately dug her left hand into his groin and squeezed.
“Yes what, boy?”
“Oh god, yes Ma’am” he gasped with pleasure.
“I told you once what I expected, and you forgot already. Maybe you need some rehabilitation?”
She pushed him back, kicked of her shoes and sat down on the couch cross-legged. “Come sit before me.” She commanded him. And he obeyed swiftly.
“Let see, “ she said, “what would be a good lesson for such a disobedient boy…?” She arched up again positioned her skirt so that it was just barely covering her, then she planted her left foot against his stomach. She deftly stroked his chest and face with the right foot. “I think I know. I need a pedicure, a very special and good pedicure. Do you know how to do that?”
“No ma’am”
“It’s easy,” she said, placing her big toe on those dreamy lips. “One and a time and in between, clean those little pigs with your hot mouth. Then as many as you can take. Do both feet. Then maybe you’ll be back in good graces.” She then slightly forced her big toe into his wait mouth.
He was good with this she thought as the combination of sensations waved through her body as he did his assignment. Tickling, yes, but also an intense pleasure for her. So much so that she felt her hands digging to the back of the couch and heard herself groaning kind of loudly. As he started working her left foot, she found herself having unknowingly having been touching herself under the skirt too. She was in the flow now, no sense trying to control it now she thought. “Move up, dear boy, let’s see how you do with this.” With her right hand she grabbed him around the head and with her left, she brushed her dress aside. She guided his head and those lips into her crotch. “Eat me, make me cum baby…”
And did he ever. He was very good at giving oral pleasure. Soft and gentle exploring and first, then the alphabet and finally hard slurping on her clit. And he was noisy about it ‒ making loud humming sounds like a vibrator once which made her laugh and groan and the same time. When she came, he was just starting to slide a finger into her.
“Oh god, boy, give it to me! Fuck me! Give me your cock!”
He slid up, undid his pants and shorts and removed them. He was already well engorged and it took him but a few seconds to pressing up against her. They were both snarling, groaning, moving and kissing. As she felt him entering him, she had a small climax. And as he got close she had a the hardest orgasm she’d ever had.
“Oh god, baby, I’m going to come” he shouted.
“Give it to me boy, give it to me.”
A short while later, he got up on the couch and took her in his strong arms. Her head came to rest on his left shoulder. They exchanged a few soft kisses as they rested a bit.
“Thank you, Ann… I didn’t expect that we’d…”
“Me either, but I’m glad we did.”
“Yes what?”
“Yes, sir?”
They both laughed as his hands caressed her face.
“That’s better, because I think its you that needs a little re-hab-ill-a-tation too.”

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