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7/21/2006 6:12 pm

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11/8/2006 10:16 am


Ok, call this my serious post.
Looking at the world and all its craziness, I cant help but wonder if any people out there do a random act of kindness for anyone any more?

Is there any love left around, or is everyone out for themselves. Where is the honesty, the respect that people deserve to give? Its sad.

I watch as our world is falling to pieces and it saddens me to know my children have such a horrible world to live in. Maybe they wont ever grow up to have children of their own! I look in the eyes of my children and I fear for them. I fear the life that might be ahead. I cherish every moment I spend with them. I watch their laughter and I dry their tears. I hold them for fear of loosing them to the hatred in our world.

I watch as parents forget where their kids are, don't pay enough attention to them, and the horrible ones that abuse their own flesh and blood. How can they? Life is too short to hurt the ones you love. We might be all gone tomorrow, are you comfortable with that? Is your heart at peace?

I think we all need to practice a little more kindness to others around us. I know it would make me smile. I can use it! Theres just too much war,hatred and death. Make someone smile today.

If you do something that makes someone smile. Write me here and tell me. I would love to hear it. I can use a little uplifting.

Bye for now, hold your children close to you and your heart! Hold your love ones. Pray for peace, pray for our children

Looking4sex2day 60M

11/4/2006 8:02 pm

Hi - I sent a note earlier to your posting about your breast cancer. I am highly confident that you will prevail. I sense that your husband loves you and will stand by you throughout your challenges. He will love you and covet you and you will continue to be what life is all about to him. I did want to write to you about some things I know are going on to try to cheer you up. Our company has a group that focuses on helping others in our community. We clean a road near our corporate offices. We donate blood 3x a year. We collect blankets, coats and food for those that need it. We have a giving tree where our employees play secret santa for people in the community that need help. This year we're adopting a family for the holidays and want to make sure they are very well taken care of. Personally I sponsor a child in Brazil in addition to the 4 of my own. I participated in an event today where there were many volunteers working to raise money for a worthwhile purpose. Every Sunday night there's a great show on TV that shows a family being helped with a new home. My son is in Iraq, fighting for you and your loved ones as well as mine. Honey, there is good all around us in the world today. The only problem is that "good" isn't sexy and doesn't sell newspapers or TV advertisements. You need to know that the world is good. That people are good. And that we need you to do whatever you can and must to stay around and be part of what we're going to do. Join me in continuing to make our world a better place for the loved ones we have that will continue on when we are not here (and I bet you stick around a lot longer than I do) - your husband, friend and others that love you need you.



rm_Cozmo5877 59M

7/30/2006 6:31 am

I'd like to think that every day I make someone smile, laugh, and feel good about themselves. As for children..WELLLLL>..there is NO ONE on earth that warrants more attention, and moves my heart more than my kids. It's nice to come to this site and try and meet new people..BUT....all that is a poor second when it comes to my babies.

Beamer665 53M

7/27/2006 1:15 pm

Spyderoak: Thank you for the thought-provocing post. You are so right, all it takes is for a little extra kindess from everyone on a daily basis!! Think about how much better the world would be. I have admired you for some time! I enjoy your posts, and your pictures! Bob in Clinton Twp.

dontstp10 56M

7/26/2006 2:46 pm

well I believe I have met my match,I could do things to you that would have you screaming for more!If you didn't I would be screaming for more! mmmm,mmmmm,mmmmmm

youngnReady669 31M

7/23/2006 7:52 pm

Hey...i completley agree with what you had to say...but i was looking at some of your previous posts..and i did have something to are truley are the best 45 year old woman ive ever seen and are by far more attractive to some 20 and 30 year old women...and if you ever have the need to feel real young...holler back at me! im very interested..and

Medusa231968 49F
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7/22/2006 4:55 am

I agree with you. There are too many things wrong w/ this world. I think my biggest peeves are all the ppl on death row over 10 years, damnit when ya get commited, take them out back and be done with it..BANG!
Or look at all the perveerts after our children. I say don't let them out of jail, unless they have castrations. Child pornography is a huge nasty in my book. I am more afraid for my children now, than as adults.

Spyder...can't e-mail ya but I am beginning my blogs


Passion247000 47F
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7/21/2006 10:15 pm

Yup.... you are right...What has the world turns into... A War zone!!!

Between countries and at home.... So sad we have to live this way....

Since we all live in this world, try to make someone else's life a little better...start out by giving them a geniune smile.... A Big Smile heading your way right now too....

LustyTaurus 49M
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7/21/2006 10:05 pm

If only we couldn't all always focus on what we can do to make things better, happier for others.

ZZ_Todd 60M

7/21/2006 7:00 pm

If I do so something that makes others smile, I'm not aware of it. But just knowing that it is possible that I have inspired a smile somewhere is good enough for me. I guess it was just the way I was raised, but I always seem to be drawn toward the positives... I am kept painfully aware of the negatives, but I see them as challenges, or even some sense of duty to turn them into the positives that they can be. Does that make sense? I think I'm rambling, again!

Cheer up... things always seem to find a way to work themselves out.

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