spunky11961 57M
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6/8/2006 9:49 am

My life, such as it is right now,is not really in good shape.The circumstances being what the are there's little I can do to change it,for now.So I do what I have to to drag my sorry ass outa bed and survive the day.Bright out look huh!Well that's how it is ,But recentlyI've discovered AdultFriendFinder and options have opened up for me!Bloggin'Is such a great outlet for me.When I have a really shitty day,like yesterday,Iblog it and people respopnd encouragingly!Or Ican weave and thread through lookin' for that special humor that cheers me up.Most of my time spent here is in the evening after a hard days work.That's when I'm sittin' here with an icy cold one gettin' lost in my safe place here.Before I know it the hour is late and there's way to many empties sittin' around,the ash tray's overflowin' and"occasionally"has the remains of afew fatties mixed in(might explain a few of my ODD responses)This is when I'm one with the world and nothing is botherin' me anymore(I know it's artifical but I'll take it all the same)
This is somethings Ive discovered about bloggin' while drinkin' Beer.
Don't take the IQ test found on the home page when you're drunk!(IF anyone's interested in the results ask I'll tell ya)
be careful with your responses,stop think it through then type,THEN REREAD IT!think some more then post!
Keep a clock in front of you so you can be aware of how late it is(not a good thing drinkin' til four am when ya gotta work at seven am,THE BOSS WON'T LIKE IT!Even if he does the same,He's the boss!
Don't write yer profile drunk!I have to go back and redo mine soon!
There are many more I'm sure but I'm getting a cramp from keyin' this so keep on bloggin' thanx for your time and responeses


letstryit4fun38 50F

6/8/2006 3:58 pm

I can honestly relate. I have those days when I wonder if life is really worth the effort anymore. Been there and done the suicide thing and YES! I screwed that up too.. But life goes on as miserable as it may be. I too will survive. I'm too damn stubborn to give up now!!!!!


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