spunky11961 57M
37213 posts
9/3/2006 3:05 pm

He crouched low in the tall grass,eyes fixated on his prey,slowly edging silently forward,his lithe camouflaged body barely seen.His muscles rippled ever so slightly,as he inched patiently closer.The tiger,totally engrossed,every nerve and sinew tensed, was now ready for that final, fatal leap.
His eyes now aglow with carnal pleasure,savoring the moment. His body tensed as if a coiled spring, his hind quarters quivered,every nerve now afire, fully en rapt the tiger sprang upon his prey!His speed was swift, the victim never had a chance, it was now in the tigers deadly grasp.....
And Henri got his fly!Quite the hunter for a house cat,he really likes his flys!~


funintheday2006 57M
9659 posts
9/5/2006 9:52 am

Piccie of my fat lazy cat for ya spunky, look at those eyes, if he wants carrying, I carry

spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 10:04 am:
Now that's a gorgeous cat there, thanx for the pic,always great to see others pride and joy! I'd spoil that onee myself Thanx Man~

madiemoon 53F
2090 posts
9/4/2006 10:33 pm

wow i can't believe all you ppl have cats that actually move. i have a himalayan who thinks life is far too stressing to do anything other than eat, shit and sleep. but man he is handsome.

spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 9:57 am:
Hey Madie, good to see ya again! Thanx, those himalayan's are georgeous for sure! and I've had my share of cats that just ate slept and crapped, but ya still gotta love'em loved hearing about yours

spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 10:02 am:
Hey Madie! Good to see ya again, Thanx those himalayans are something else, I'll bet yours is gorgeous, I've had my share of lazy cats as well but ya still gotta love'em thanx for sharin' that

spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 10:02 am:
Hey Madie! Good to see ya again, Thanx those himalayans are something else, I'll bet yours is gorgeous, I've had my share of lazy cats as well but ya still gotta love'em thanx for sharin' that

warmandsexy52 66M
13164 posts
9/4/2006 1:41 pm

One of ours graduated to bats and used to bring them in as pressies! It's so much easier when they stick to insects (and maybe the odd spider! lol)


ps now they're getting old they can't be assed to catch anything much.

spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 9:55 am:
Warm, Thanx Man, I enjoyed reading this,and yours about the spider was great! Yea thay slow down whan they get older,but they'll still surprise ya even then! Watch out for those Squishy bats now ya hear

ButteryDelight 60F

9/4/2006 9:27 am

lol..i can imagine how funny that was, spunky, good for her. We need less flies around.

Buttery Delight

spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 9:53 am:
Well Thank You Buttery, That's for sure they're always something to watch when they go into the "tiger" mode! And Henri's good at keeping my population down, he eats more than a few everyday

funintheday2006 57M
9659 posts
9/4/2006 8:22 am


spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 9:51 am:
Well Thanx, I went, I saw voted, I was surprised

VCF1962 106F

9/4/2006 6:37 am

My two are pretty hopeless unless the poor creature is already stunned or dying !!!

Mind you there was a dragonfly outside the back door today - not too sure who was responsible for that as it wasn't in bits !!!

Mistress Innuendo
Taking what you say and turning it into something naughty !!

spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 9:49 am:
Thanx V, tht would make ya wonder but I'll bet there might have been more than one involved in that,and maybe it tasted bad.. that's why it's not in bits they do amaze us eh?!!

sexyariesgirl 59F

9/4/2006 5:21 am

I love to watch cats when they are in "hunter mode"...they're awesome!

Power To FOK

spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 9:47 am:
Yes they are aren't they Sexyaries! I love to watch them sit in the window and make the funny noise at the squirrels and birds! Thanx!~

funintheday2006 57M
9659 posts
9/4/2006 1:21 am

[image]I have one that hunts and one that watches the hunt. Yep, its the female that hunts and the male watches, he is too fucking fat to catch a cold. They are almost human p.s. stop knocking your blog, it is as good as any male blog on this site.

spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 9:39 am:
Well Thank You there! For sharin' about your cats and your kind words as well, I'm honored

ThatDamnCowboy 62M
10812 posts
9/4/2006 12:37 am

Three cheers for the Mighty Hunter!!! Much better than having him stuck to fly-strips.


My Latest post: HAVE YOU EVER
A Taste of Erotica First Meeting

spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 9:38 am:
Hey Cowboy! Kool Tiger pic there! Thanx, yup much better than havin' him stuck in the fly paper! When'd ya get the gold ball there friend? Enjoy that one!~

freetime648 53F

9/4/2006 12:34 am

My Daisy Mae is my little fly hunter...she knocks them down and plays them to death!!!! The other cat, Monster...will then eat them!

Talk about teamwork!

xx FREETIME648 xx

spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 9:35 am:
Hi Free, that's really good team work there! Mine both hunt them but only Henri will eat them, Tiff's to picky,she prefers spiders! Thanx!~

rm_bikerjim1961 57M
356 posts
9/3/2006 9:27 pm

Hey I love my cats and really do like that they let me stay in their house. My friends like it most to sit in the window and pretend to hunt squirels and bugs thanks Spunky. Later Jim

spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 9:33 am:
Hey Jim, Thanx,I know what ya mean mine just let me share there home as well, that's really Kool to watch'em hunting through the window~ I like the strange noises that they make!~

rm_chanda69 49F
418 posts
9/3/2006 9:19 pm

i had an almost all black feral cat once- found as a 2 week old kitten- that loved to hunt hummingbirds- & she'd get them!!!
just wanted to say hi & suggest you check your messages if you havent already. i mised you!!! {{{HUGS}}}}



spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 9:31 am:
Hey Chanda! I've missed you as well! thanx, And that's really something about the hummingbirds~ that's was a fast cat!~ I'll reply to the email tonight, Hang in there

lovemetouchme5 52F
2102 posts
9/3/2006 8:37 pm

Very well written! Sounds like Henri and Katie would get along, but Katie is into bigger rabbits! LOL


spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 2:59 am:
Loveme, Thank You, that's really great to hear, I'm glad you think so,really And yea dogs can be quite the hunters there as well, I've had both dogs and cats that did the exact same thing!

EvilEvilKitten1 63F

9/3/2006 6:51 pm

Hurray the mighty hunter!!!


spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 2:54 am:
Well Thank You *EG* Henri really is that... in his own mind

angelofmercy5 60F
17881 posts
9/3/2006 6:44 pm

I would have loved to see that! Must be a fast cat. Why don't you come on over and dance naked with us at LAST CAMPFIRE OF THE SUMMER And be sure you at least say "hi" so we know you're there!

spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 2:53 am:
Well Thanx Angel, I've already been there and done that But thanx for the invite!~

kissnlik 41F

9/3/2006 4:31 pm

ohhhh Spunky!! I took your advice and introduces my kitties. The first 2 days my older kitty wouldn't leave my room. She hissed and moaned every time she saw the kitten. The kitten on the other hand has already learned how to aggirvate my older My older cat literally runs for the hills when she see's the! Today, my older kitty "pepper" decided she was just going to sit and observe the kitten "Izzy" from the arm of my couch. At least they're in the same room! All in good time! ~Thanks Spunky!~

spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 2:49 am:
Well Thank you Kissnlik! I'm really glad that worked! Let me know how they're doing in the future, enjoy the new Kitten, soon they'll be a happy family there

silverbreeze2 67F

9/3/2006 4:16 pm

Nothing is safe with that bad cat around!

Loved the build up to it!

spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 2:46 am:
Well thanx Silver! That means a lot to me coming from You! and You're the first to comment on that

countryheart_71 46F
8081 posts
9/3/2006 3:54 pm

That's funny! Must have been quite comical to watch that.


spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 2:45 am:
Hey Country! It really is,Henri always gives me something to be entertained by no matter what he does it's always to an extreme Thanx!~

Cozy_Red 52F

9/3/2006 3:38 pm

My little huntress "Baby" always gets her mouse...I have a field nearby and she drags all kinds of stuff up, baby bunnies, gophers, birds, and about 30 mice or more now. Very impressive little huntress I have. Sam on the other hands heaves at the sight of a mouse,and will scamper off.

spunky11961 replies on 9/5/2006 2:42 am:
Hey Cozy, It's kinda funny but the females always seem to be the best hunters... The males usually just like to lay around Thanx!~

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