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8/25/2006 9:26 pm

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29K - It's not a lot

Twenty-nine thousand days and twenty-nine thousand nights. That's about all you get for your trouble. What, in those days and nights have you done? Have you lived, or watched others live? Have you had any goals beyond breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime? How about travel? Have you seen those places that intrigue you or those mysterious places that haunt your daydreams?

I can't say that I have met all my goals, but looking back I have done more than most: played in the snow above the arctic circle, slept in a grass hut in polynesia, seen the sun rise and set on the pacific and atlantic oceans with no land in site, stood atop the world trade center and empire state building, sailed through the panama canal, white water rafted several rivers in oregon, hiked, rode and drove through parts of the country that made my eyes water with awe and more.

What I haven't done, is probably what you have, and I envy you. I have not had a family, seen kids grow and become people in their own right. While I have fallen in love, I have not been in a relationship that transcended the moment. I have not set roots and felt the kinship of neighbors through the years.

So why can't the two be joined into one lifetime? I'm sure that some people have been succesful at this, prospered and experienced a lifetime of new adventures. The two should be commonplace for everyone, but, while I had the time for seeking what was over the next horizon, others had their lives to live in a more traditional manner.

I do envy those that have had this traditional life, but I don't regret any of my decisions or any tradeoff's that I may have had to make. I do regret not having someone to share all of these experiences and maybe leven my itchy feet with a dose of home duty.

Ahh, those twenty-nine thousand days and nights, how they slip away. But it's never too late, for me or for you.

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