chronicles 2  

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7/25/2006 1:48 am
chronicles 2

could do standup.

So im at target the other day and randomly I need to take a shit. And on my way to the bathroom I happen to run into this girl I haven't seen in about 2 years. Now 2 yrs ago this girl was tits just so fiiine. Damn 2 yrs can change someone a lot cuz she gained her freshman 15 in like all areas. Her stomach went from ] to ) () to (_) and her fingers looked like sausage links etc etc bottom line is she was no longer attractive. But anyway she starts catching me up on her life telling me about her world and naturally I didn't listen to a damn word A. because I still needed to take a shit and B she's fat. I know that's harsh but she was a bitch in high school so don't feel bad. Well I gave her about 45 seconds to talk then I tuned back in to find the right time to cut her off.. So I tuned back in and this girls talking about what she had for lunch. I'm standing there dying and she's saying "I had avocado lettuce bacon with pepperchininis" so right after that word I slowly pressed my fingers up against her lips looked her in the eye and said "I don't give a fuck what you had for lunch I need to take a shit" I walked away didn't look back and it felt great. There are a lot of racist people out in this world which is amazing considering the fact that we as human beings have lived on this planet together for thousands of years but yet some people still can't see past race. The other night I was at dennys and I see an Asian man and a black woman. People stared as they kissed but they went past what society thinks and with no shame there both doing what makes them happy. Think about it, the asian guy gets a freak in bed and the black girl gets financial stability. Now half black half asian kids are frightening. You got the work ethic and math skills of an asian with the athletic ability of a black person. Tiger woods is proof of how dangerous these kids could be. Everyone has stereo types. White people can't dance or jump, black people steal, asians have small wood. I remember in the 3rd grade one of my friends told me he knows I have a small dick cuz im asian , I went home and almost cried with fear of having a inadequate penis for the rest of my life. From the 3rd grade till the 8th I didn't look at my dick. Then freshman year started. Opportunities to use the tool were coming more often and one night I hopped out of the shower looked down and wham. I said to myself "that shit is not bad" it caught me by surprise I had beaten the percentages. So here's the order of what I did after this. I got a ruler and measured, looked at it in the mirror for awhile then I practiced hanging stuff on it. A t shirt a towel but the embarrassing part of this story is my mom walked in on me trying to lift the toilet seat with it. What a sexually confused child I was and as a young adult I'm still confused somewhat. Mainly I don't know what goes through a girls mind. They want you to talk but hate when you talk too much, they like getting teased but not all the time, when you're too nice they just want to be friends. What the fuck is wrong with them! I think girls are what makes guys so crazy. Some guys don't know what works so they imitate what they see on TV. That's why you have whites guys saying "shwaty wanna ride" I even saw a black guy telling a blonde cashier at jack in the box "you look quite lovely today." Nigga please, you looked up lovely in the dictionary before you left the house. So you have white people trying to be black and black people trying to be white. The best golfer in the world is black and the best rapper is white.

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