where are you?  

splooge73 44M
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5/23/2006 4:59 am
where are you?

For about the last year and a half, I have been cruising this site under different handles. As I'm sure that quite a few have done. I often wonder why we are on here? I know that for me it is because there is just something that I need and can not find. I just wonder if everyone else is like this, or is it other things. Is it just curiosity that people want to see what kind of responses they get, or are they really serious. I have chatted with some and invited some to chat. Out of all of these people, I have only ever actually hooked up with one woman. We talked and found out after a while that we actually only lived a mile and a half from each other on the same road! It was quite convenient for both of us. I would stop on my way to work or from work to fuck, but it lasted only a short time. She just didn't have the personality that I was looking for. Sure, having a fuck buddy is fun, but I find myself wanting to connect in more ways than having my cock inside her. Everyone else I seem to talk to doesn't seem to be serious about this. I find it hard to get responses from people. That is the reason I am writing this. I am hoping that I can connect with some people on a more intellectual level and get some more feed back. Maybe if I can connect with someone on a deeper level, when we do get together or if we decide to get together and fuck, maybe it will be super fanfuckingtastic. What do you think?

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