spinninginVT 41M
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7/24/2006 12:27 pm

my antics took me out of vermont this weekend....massachussets, new york, and back in a whirlwind tour...

i left friday afternoon, heading south to springfield ma (yes, i enjoy heading south!) to meet up with some old friends. tentatively arranged to meet someone from here for drinks as well, but of cours e there was a "disconnected phone problem" and blah blah blah...overall the night was fantastic, although i drank myself into the first hangover i've had in years!

met some friends in albany saturday on may way to lake placid. albany is a cool town. you should visit there if you haven't. i will go again for sure!

lake placid was the setting of a very large endurance race with a trademarked name this weekend, and i have volunteered for the event the last three years. these people are absolutely out of their minds. they abuse their bodies in relatively unpleasant ways for as long as 17 hours before wandering into the medical tent to beg for treatment. i believe in prevention. if you abuse yourself, perhaps you should know what to expect at the end! but anyway, it's an amazing event with phenomenal athletes of all shapes and sizes, and it's a real joy to work in the medical tent and nurse the fallen few back to health. no really big illnesses or injuries this year, which was nice. and now i am recovering...good night!

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