spinninginVT 41M
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7/17/2006 1:19 pm

hello blog world...

it's the hottest day EVER in vermont, and i'm still blown away that people don't think air-conditioning is necessary. i look around my neighborhood, and the windows are all full of those tacky, loud window units that seem to get popular every year at the same time sparking lines at sears and home depot...we had one put into our house two years ago because it seems ridiculous to fill up the windows when we know we'll use it! let me tell you though, it's not easy to put in AC with baseboard heating!

enough about that! so i met a friend of mine for "lunch" today...and i have to say that the heat is both an excellent aphrodisiac and an excuse for illicit use of ice cubes...and that's about all i'll say about that! i'm not so much a fan of the kiss-and-tell erotica, but don't worry, if there's a good story i'll share it!

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