Where's Mr. Perfect?(Long Tongue)  

spinkfarmer 55M
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6/2/2006 11:48 am
Where's Mr. Perfect?(Long Tongue)

Am I perfect? Hell no. Name one person with no flaws(supposed religious figures do not count!). So why do so many chicks do not return e-mail? Is it because they receive so many e-mails with offers of romping off to Europe? Doubt it. Most of the guys I know care about sports, money and getting their rocks off. Women, you will be lucky to meet the guy in a crummy little bar for a drink and he might give you oral sex if you beg. Mr. Perfect DOES NOT EXIST!!!!! I'm not saying to pick and choose what you want in a mate, sex partner, web cam beat off friend, ect. All I'm saying is Give some of us sex starved guys a second look. I would bet there is alot of guys like myself that can't even receive return e-mails. And I have a real long tongue.

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