What the fuck.  

spinkfarmer 55M
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6/1/2006 10:19 pm
What the fuck.

I think I have this on-line sex game figured out. It's all about the numbers. Like a door to door salesman. E-mail enough women telling them exactly what you are prepared to do to them and maybe one of them will take you up on it. Since I live about 15 miles from a college town, I have sent and received a few e-mails from college age chicks. Most of them are very inexperienced when it comes to sex. Very few of them are what I would call "starved for cock". The only sticking point with most of them is my age. I look at least 10 years younger. The other day a co-worker guessed my age at 31. So if some chick that is say 21-25 wants an experienced guy to fuck them senseless, I am availble. At this point I settle for any women under 50 as long as she was a pig. Flour costs too much. Some women are so GD picky. Hey sister, if you are as horny as your profile almost anything with a GD heartbeat will do. Tom Cruise is going to e-mail you anytime soon baby!! And that dude is almost my age. I'll bet the college chicks would fuck him.

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