Nice boobs sister.  

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5/28/2006 8:15 pm

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Nice boobs sister.

Over the past few days I have looked at many a profile that show some very nice looking breasts. Occasionaly I will e-mail some of these people to tell them that I sincerely think they belong in a centerfold. I may be sex starved but I am no pig. Appreciating art in a human form is appealling to me on a non-sexual level. Funny thing though. None of the women I e-mailed with the compliments has ever e-mailed me back. I am assuming that they get lots of emails from real pigs with lame come-ons. What a shame. There were two nuns painting. One said "let's take off our habits(nun clothes)so we do not get paint on them". So they are naked and painting the window frames and there is a knock on the door. The older nun says"who is there?", a guy says, "the blind man". The old nun lets him in. He comes in carrying window dressing and looks at the younger nun and says "nice boobs sister". So when a guy just happens to really like what he is seeing do not just assume he is some pervert stranger looking for a quick fling. You can find them in the chat rooms.

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5/28/2006 10:04 pm

I recall an episode of Sex and the City where Kim`s character had a photoshoot of her naked just for herself. It wasn`t till the end of the show after she was feeling a might depressed and low for not receiving any compliments that the young hispanic delivery boy noticed her pictures as she`d gone to her purse to get his money. He commented 'nice ass lady' and her face lit up, she gave him a bigger cash tip.

Most of us like compliments, but I do think sometimes we get crap on this site and may harden us to responding to genuine compliments.

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