Multiple orgasms for men.  

spinkfarmer 55M
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6/9/2006 10:46 pm
Multiple orgasms for men.

Let me tell you, it can be had. The most times I have came in a sex session of about an hour is 6 times. Once many years ago I had a young hot girl-friend and in a do it/rest/ do it session lasting 3 hours I came I think 12 times. The key is relaxation and friction. The best friction position is woman on stomach, one leg straight, one bent up(still on bed). The guy can enter from behind yet sideways. Another is woman on back lifts legs, guy lays on side perpendicular to her so he can put it in sideways. Reverse cowgirl tends to cause friction if the woman can sit far enough either ahead or back. Of course anal with limited lube causes a lot of friction but I have met few women who will even try anal. It's like guys, cum, please her(eat, lick,ect.) when she is ready for the dick, tell her what you are doing and try the different positions.Each orgams should be more intense. Why you just don't keep right on fucking? The muscles inside your dick need to be able to relax again. Fucking is very intense, especially if you are on top or standing. You may want to try the supplement Yohimbe. Makes blood flow into your dick easier. Alot of the men sex stuff at Walmart has herbs in them. Most are crap. Contact Swanson Health Products on-line. I have had good luck with their stuff. Now I just need a partner.

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