What's up with the fake ads?  

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4/11/2006 12:29 pm

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What's up with the fake ads?

Alright, so over the past couple days, I've received at least 3 emails from "women" who host their pictures at some flirtinglocal, etc type of sites. Of course, they want you to buy a CyberID, then pay $30 a month for access to looking at porn, etc.
My guess? These sites are making fake ads on ADF, Personals, Match, etc and getting honest people hooked to make money.
What a bunch of crap. I mean, does anyone here actually host *their* pictures in places like that and expect people to pay $100+ to get to talk to them for the first time? For me, that's a turn off. It's not that I can't afford it, but 30 minutes in to closing pop-ups, pulling out the Credit Card 3x, I'm most definetly *not* in the mood. ><
Let me give you some advice, if you want a good guy/girl, and you want to have fun under the sheets or even make something work out for the long run, don't make people go through that. Weed them out by sending a few messages back and forth, talk over an Instant Messenger, and finally meet them in a public place. You will be sure not to miss the one good one, because some Internet Geek with a porn site wants our money.

/Rant Off

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