My Angelina Jolie Fantasy  

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7/6/2005 3:39 am

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My Angelina Jolie Fantasy

I love to fantasise as I masturbate, my fantasies are many and varied. I let you into them from time to time. This is the first installment in a series of sexual Fantasies :


Angelina is Lara Croft. She is wearing her tight shorts and vest top. Guns around her waist. She pushes me to the ground and ties me down, hands over my head. Without a word she squats on all fours over my prostrate body. with a wicked grin she passes her breasts close to my face, i can smell her through her thin clothes. She bends closer, the material of her top brushing the tip of my nose, i can feel her erect nipple through the cloth.
One hand reaches down to my crotch her fingers caress the growing lump in my jeans, slowly, slowly she strokes me..running her hand over my trapped penis and tickeling my balls...her breast still millimeters from my face..She sits up a little and looks me in the eye giving me a cheeky wink as she grabs my manhood hard. Oh!!! penis pushes hard against the fly but cant get out.she sqeezes the bulging mass in my jeans and throws her head back laughing.
She releases her grip sits up and takes the front of her top in both hands...ripping it open her breasts spill out beads of sweat sparkel on them and dribble around her hard nipples.
leaning forward she dangles her breasts over my face, a nipple just above my mouth.I strain against my bonds and taste its tip with my tongue, i can taste the salty sweat that drips from it. Lara bends lower the breast is in my mouth..i suck on the nipplle drawing it into my eager mouth like a suckling baby. i take a gental bite and pull at the hard nipple.She squeals with pleasure...
"good boy for that you get a reward"
she unzips my fly and drags my jeans down to my knees as my dick springs from its prison, a bead of pre-cum slatters her face
"got anymore in there?" she purrs
then bends and oh so gently licks the dribble from my japs eye.
Her full lips kiss my helmet then slide slowly down the length of my shaft taking my dick deep into her mouth until it touches the back of her throat.
She grips the base of my penis in her fingers and slowly draws her lips back along my throbing cock. she pulls back my foreskin and wraps her tounge around the lip of my bell end. Once more she takes the shaft into her mouth her head bobing back and forth as her togune and lips tease me towards climax. sqeezing my balls in time with her strokes of my shaft she ups the pace ..i can feel her teeth dragging along the raised viens of my penis. she sucks hard as a spasm runs through my body and sperm gushes freely into her eager mouth coating her tongue and splashing down her throat. she licks and sucks every last drop from me, not wanting to waste any. she smiles as a creamy dribble escapes the corner of her mouth. A finger catches it and delivers it to her lips.
As I lay there bound and gasping for breeth she stands and winks..
"Don't go away I haven't finished with you yet"
she walks away her hips swaggering as her breasts gently sway, leaving me drained on the ground.....

to be continued....

janesharina 42F

7/6/2005 8:06 am

very good story , perhaps you should consider writing full time

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