spikeryder 51M
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9/18/2005 8:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Here is a List of people(i refuse to refer to them as Artists) who should never have been let in a studio with an open Mike, and certainly NOT been recorded.

1) Ashlee Simpson
2) Jessica Simpson
3) The Cheeky Girls
4) Kelly Osbourne
5) 50 cent
6) Peter Andrea
7) William Shatner
Mr Blobby
9) Rachel Stevens
10)Mark Owen

helga_hansen 50F
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9/18/2005 11:42 pm

I agree with the list (although I have to admit owning a Rachael Stevens album... )


Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

spikeryder 51M

9/20/2005 1:14 pm

Rachel stevens! shame on you although i must admit to owning a Whitney Huston CD ..oh god...THE SHAME OF IT!

spikeryder 51M

9/20/2005 1:16 pm

helga_hansen i've just noticed..we're both showing our left nipple ooooooo!

rockwriter58 57M
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9/20/2005 10:17 pm

I have never understood why those Simpson girls got so popular. Now, Bart Simpson, him, I understand.

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PrincessKarma 45F
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9/26/2005 10:41 pm

What about Britney Spears? Yeah, she's cute but her "music" sucks.

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