Deep dark secret  

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7/24/2005 1:55 pm

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Deep dark secret

I've been over to 1playfulgal 1playfulgal looking at her blog, as usual, It's great as usual.(check it out if you haven't already) She got me thinking about Anal play...
Is it something straight guys do? Do you have to be gay, or at least Bi to do it?..because..and here comes a confession..a secret, so far..I've been toying with it...on my own...

Recently, in Britain, a New "Vibrating" razor for men has been released. I used it and found it no better than a normal razor. I told my "soul mate" about it and she said "what are you gonna do with it then..stick it up your arse to get a thrill?" (very much to the point, my friend) well this got me thinking...what would it feel like?..Could i put the vibrating handle of this thing ..up my arse?..
After a few days of pondering i put my battery powered friend in boiling water to clean it and removed the blades...I turned it on..ran it's vibrating metal handle up and down my dick..felt gooood! teased my helmet with it..felt fine! ok here we go..i lubed it up and bent over...then carefully stuck it up my far so good ..feels ok..push it in a bit further..FUCK ME!!! OOOOO THAT FEELS STRANGE!!!!..but GOOD! dick goes rock hard! I'm about to cum.....OH GOD..I THINK I'VE FOUND THE G SPOT!!...

It was the most amazing feeling since losing my a woman with a strap on? ..BRING IT ON!!
I'm not gay and have no interest in being fucked by a man...but the thought of playfulgal "doing me" has really got me going...isn't it great when you discover a new aspect of your own sexuallity?

anyone else out there suddenly found out a new sexual part of themselves ? did you enjoy it? or were you scared by it?

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