speedracerwanabe 39M
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5/25/2006 10:00 pm

So lately, I am just so bored with so much. I mean, I am overall happy at work, and then I come home. Okay, in reality, I admit I'd rather not work of course. But, when I am home it's like I loathe for something more. To be honest, I've had no real luck with this site. I talked in some emails with a couple recently, but I doubt anything is going to go anywhere (maybe me, maybe them, don't know yet). I think my overall confusion lies in money, and my overall spiral of downfall that seems to be putting me further in debt. I have an awesome car, my wife's is a real nice family car, and I have a nice old truck, even a dirt bike. So you can probably guess, we do okay. I think I have myself over-extended is the problem. I just feel selfish, but get sad of the idea to lose my car especially. I don't have time for most of stuff, and spend most days off just hanging in the house with our son. Any one have any ideas? I don't think I am depressed, just not sure of the real point, other than my son of course. Hmm, well anyway.

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