Women are still women  

spearnik 64M  
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6/22/2006 11:27 pm

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8/20/2007 10:39 pm

Women are still women

I've been surfing the AdultFriendFinder site for about 1 1/2 weeks. I sort of expect the rough sex talk from the guys but I find it surprizing to see so many women who talk that way. I have tried to email women using language similar to the way their profile reads. In this brief period of time I have learned one thing. Women are still women, they are not built the same mentally and emotionally. I don't think that women like bold wanton overtures. They have had to build callouses and defenses to ward off the shear numbers of men that approach them on this site. To find a man that is more than just his male member, they have to search long and hard - at least according to the posts that the men on this site post. They want to be romanced. They want to know that an encounter with a man is not about the man but about the woman. For a man to be successful with a woman not only does he needs to nurture her intellect, her emotions, and fulfill at least in part her idea of a prince charming but he must be genuinely in love with women as a whole. He is comfortable with women. He shares ideas, thoughts,and emotions with women. He enjoys feeding her soul. At least I do not think there are many women that would object to it. Women are people first. Even in the AdultFriendFinder network

ella1966 51F
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6/23/2006 1:20 am

You should go far with that attitude, it is lovely! Best wishes

spearnik 64M  
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6/24/2006 10:16 pm

The communion between an man and a woman is a wonderful thing. There are so many aspects of that communion that need to occur to remain healthy. Zig Ziglar (motivational speaker) teaches that if you will give the other person what they want it is so much easier to get what you want in return. This is not to say that giving to the other person is contrived, shallow, or without meaning because if it is whatever you give will probably not be what the other person wants and needs. The man and the woman must define their needs and make them known to each other. I think it's great when a woman states that she does not want any contacts from married men. That's her communicating her needs. Other women state that they are looking for a mate or a long term relationship. Guys take note. There are ladies that simply want sex according to their profiles. Ladies if this is not true then you need to be more honest in your profile. For myself personally, I can't enter into a long-term relationship unless it is casual. That is my need at the moment. I am reaching an age when I look back on my life and see what I have missed. One thing that I have missed out on is sex with with a second female partner. I just wanted to experience that before I am not able to. I enjoy women and make friends with women when they are open to friendships. Therefore what I am looking for is not just sex but a friendship that may last after sexual encounters. I still have a pretty strong sex drive and want to use it but I do not want to lead anyone on or hurt anyone in the process. I think that there is a scenario where this would work. I've run across women in my own town who are looking for the same thing that I am looking for but I have yet to have one of them get to know me better. I will continue to persevere. I can only hope that once women find that I have a good heart that they will at least attempt to get to know me better. Maybe all I can do is to develop a good friendship on this site. If so it will be worth it.

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