chap. 8...sweet judy blue eyes  

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chap. 8...sweet judy blue eyes

Two days later Kami showed up at my door and she was not a happy camper. She was always a meticulous dresser but today she looked almost haphazard in sweat pant shorts and a large t shirt. Her golden hair was tied behind and she had on large sunglasses. When she walked inside and took them off her eyes were red and raw. Her hands were on her hips.
"Who did Jeff fuck when I was at mama's?" she demanded. "Don't try to say he didn't".
"I...I don't know what you're talking about," I stammered, caught by surprise.
"I don't know her name, but I know what she looks like. And I'll find out."
She looked at me pleading and I did not want to lie to this woman, my friend.
"I called the house all night long. I called over here. Nobody answers." She looked me closely in the eyes. 'You two did something. I bet you both screwed that slut."
"No, Kami. We got drunk and passed out over here. Had a few beers at the Palm Room, walked straight here , watched tv and passed out. That's all that happened."
"I'll find out what happened. You better believe that." She opened the door, slammed it closed and was gone, leaving black marks on the road.
Jeff came up to me later that afternoon as I sat at the bar drinking a cool, wet bottle of beer. He pulled a worn empty stool over and sat beside me. The raven haired bartender had her back to us.
"Hey, there,Judy, how about a beer," he said.
She brought over his usual and he took a long pull, winked at her and said, "Thanks, Judy blue eyes."
She smiled and they held eyes and then she pranced to the other end and he suddenly became serious.
"Somebody told Kami they saw me with another woman." He grabbed my arm and searched my eyes.
I shook him off.
"Well, it wasn't me, you asshole," I told him.
"She was at the house this morning beating the door down."
"What did you tell her?"
"I told her we had a few beers here and then more at my house and then we passed out."
"Damn...damn...damn!", Jeff exclaimed. "I told her we got drunk and passed out at our house."
"Well, smooth move there, 007."
"If she asks you again, tell her you were so drunk, you don't really remember."
"Oh, that'll work, " I said dripping with sarcasm.
He looked at me with those sad brown eyes, drained his beer, sat the empty bottle on the bar and walked out.
"Bye, Judy blue eyes, " he said over his shoulder. She smiled brightly back and waved. Then she turned to me, still smiling, and wiped a mug dry with white linen. I stared at her cute face with the button nose and the black pageboy haircut. Her eyes were so big and such a deep baby blue I got lost in them. They were hypnotizingly attractive, like large breasts on a particularly slim woman. Suddenly I knew who had told Kami.
Judy was our first neighbor when we moved here, coming over with cool drinks as we unloaded furniture from the borrowed truck into the empty side of the duplex. Jeff and I took a break and drank down the sweet iced tea as she and Kami talked. She was about twenty two, five foot five, with smallish breasts. She filled out her bikini bottoms nicely as she stood there in the sandy yard. Her legs were short and the muscles looked firm. Jeff nudged me with his elbow and raised an eyebrow. I just nodded. She left soon and we went back to work.
Later, as we sat around the piled boxes drinking beer in icy bottles pulled from the cooler, Kami told us about her. She was a junior at UNCW, worked as a bartender at the Palm Room on the weekends and had just broke up with her live in boyfriend, Teak, who had always lived on the island and had roamed it since birth.
"You might want to ask her out," said Kami.
"Can I ask her out?" asked Jeff.
"I will kill you," she answered and the humor in her voice was gone.
"What about her boyfriend?" I asked.
"History, she says," said Kami. She was starting to feel the beer and was talking slow and lanquid. She slouched in her lawnchair that was sat up in the living room.
"Judy blue eyes," said Jeff.
"Sweet Judy blue eyes," I said.
It became dark. The electricity was still off and we soon drifted off to sleep.

It was two weeks after the Tara the terror incident before I saw them again and that was the night we went out to eat and Kami woke me to tell me Jeff was hiding behind the door. However they had solved this problem, each of them seemed happy on the surface. I slept with her every weekend for a while. I would come over on Friday night and we would feast and drink and about midnight Jeff would go to bed and I had his lucious wife to myself. Not that I enjoyed being on stage but the instant I would bite into that exotic forbidden fruit I was intoxicated and didn't care if they showed it on Times Square. She especially liked the arrangement; it added even more excitement to it all. A full cart was served up to her when it was time for dessert. She could have Jeff, or me, or both, one at a time, or on those frequent times when we both pissed her off, neither. Those were woefull nights, indeed.
One night Kami and I sat together on their loveseat while Jeff dozed on the couch. Or pretended to. She had on my favorite short denim skirt with a tight fitting tube top that threatened to spill over. My hand surreptitiously
crept to the crotch of her silk panties and I wormed a wriggling finger under the material. It was warm and moist. She watched tv, seemingly oblivious, but her hips settled into a more comfortable position.
"Go take your panties off, " I whispered. She sat there like she didn't hear, but soon she did as I asked. Instead of sitting back down with me she grabbed a pillow and lay on her stomach on the floor. Jeff, if he awoke, would only see the top of her head. Everything below would be hidden.
Her skirt was hiked up and the creamy whiteness of her ass showed off her dark tan. I slid my bare foot up along the inside of her thigh rubbing softly, and then I worked my big toe inside her to get it wet. I ran circles with it over her big sensitive button. She gripped the pillows hard and stiffled her moans as I increased speed.
Jeff stirred and we were both motionless. A surge of adreneline shot through me. After a few breathless minutes we slowly started again. I playfully plucked at her smooth blond pubic hair with my toes. She turned over on her back with her knees up and her legs spread out wide and I watched as my toe disappeared inside her. Then I took it out with a soft plop and rubbed it around and around her clitoris. Then back inside. Everytime she would start to move her hips to my rhythm, I would stop. Then at last she wimpered softly and looked at me and almost silently, barely, barely audible, she said, ever so faint, "I love you, I love you, I love you..." There was undeniable lust in her green flashing eyes as she trembled in the throes of her much delayed orgasm.
I looked over at Jeff. His eyes were wide open now.

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Drama Drama Drama

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Eeeks~I hate when perception is reality.

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