chap. 7...something wicked this way cums  

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chap. 7...something wicked this way cums

Tara came for dinner that night, just as she said she would. I really didn't expect her to show. She knocked on the door and I opened it and there she stood, brightly smiling, in a short black dress and matching high heels. Her dark hair was again tied on top of her head, but this time instead of being windswept, it looked elegant. A loose black curl teased her neck like a kitten's paw.
It was early afternoon and I still reeked of fish and salt water. I ushered her in and sat her down on the couch with a big glass of wine and "Houses of the Holy" while I cleaned up. It took about thirty minutes and when I came out Jeff sat on the couch beside her drinking wine from her glass. Her red nailed fingertips lay on his leg. Faint lipstck smudged the rim of the glass.
"Hey, bro," said Jeff. "We need some more wine." He held the glass aloft like Caligula.
"Would thou like grapes also," I said.
" Jeff drank it all," Tara giggled. She looked ravishing in the black dress and the dark tan. It rode up high and her legs were slightly parted. Curious black hair peeped out. I looked around for her panties.
"Yea, well, he usually does," I replied.
"He was just telling me how his wife left him," Tara said, as if choking at the thought. She looked stricken.
"What? Kami left you?" I was genuinely shocked. Jeff could get me every time like that. That is how naive I was. Kami was out of town visiting her mother for a few days. He was winking at me behind her back as she talked.
"So we decided to let's all go out tonight," she said. "And!"
"Boogie till you puke," said Jeff, enthusiastically. He held out the empty wineglass and twirled it by the slender stem.
"Pour, barkeep," he said.
I got the wine and more glasses and he poured from the cold bottle and we drank it down. It was 4:20, still early afternoon.
"Why don't we get some oysters from the Palm Room?" I suggested.
Tara was cuddled into him like a cold puppy. Jeff did that with women, his size and chiseled, solid handsome looks made them feel secure and safe. He had a natural noble bearing. That's what attracted Kami to him, that this man, like a mountain, was held solid to the earth. No matter what happened, whatever dark abyss the path of her life would bring her before, he would be there like a rock. It was pure naked charisma, and I wished to hell I could bottle it.
"Couple of Long Island iced teas," said Jeff.
"At least," I said.

It was just beginning to cool a bit at 5:30. We carried our shoes and walked down the white sandy beach. I found a perfect, delicate sand dollar and gave it to Tara. My Khaki shorts got wet as I walked in the tepid surf. They walked higher up dodging surf and she kept bumping into him, finding any opportunity to touch him. He strutted along like he owned the whole island. A few peple were still out with blankets and towels. A kid ran up to the edge of a crashing breaker, bent over nearly double and laughed, laughed, laughed at the majesty of it all.
We rinsed off our feet at the public showers and waited in the warm ocean breeze for them to dry. A line of pelicans floated overhead as we walked along the boardwalk. The wooden planks were still hot from the sun. The Palm Room was crowded with tourists, so we had a drink at the bar and then they sat us at a table. We ate a peck of steaming oysters on the half shell and washed them down with a prodigious amount of Iced Teas. After about two hours we stumbled out past the line of gaudily dressed tourists waiting at the entrance. They stared at Tara as she stumbled into Jeff, who caught her and held her straight. He turned to me and raised his eybrows.
"Tara the Terror," he said. The name stuck.
It was beginning to get dark and there was an electrified festive feel in the air like right before a squall line rampages through; that magical feel right before fireworks start. We walked south on the sidewalks towards the nightclubs. The music got louder and the crowds thickened, mostly UNCW coeds from Wilmington and a mixture of young tourists and locals. We went into Red Dog's and had a couple of Rolling Rocks and then to The Wits End where we played pool. Tara put on quite a show in the packed club, slinging a leg on the table, bending down low to appraise a shot. She bent over to get a long shot and half her ass was exposed.
"Nice tan," Jeff said. We were to the side.
"Kami left you, huh?"
He shrugged and was silent.
"I can't believe you would throw a cockblock," I told him.
He looked amazed I would even think such a thing. As we were talking, a tall, heavy drunk walked up wanting to play a game with you know who. She shook her head at him but he persisted. She looked over with a stricken expression. Jeff was in his face before I could even process the information.
"You have a problem, buddy?" he asked, getting between them.
The drunk, thirty pounds heavier, looked at him and scowled.
"No. But you will if I reach in my pocket," he answered and he sounded stone cold sober then.
Jeff lightly pushed Tara over to me and I put my arm around her waist. She was hypnotised at the drama unfolding, like prey watching a cobra.
"Well, play your cards," Jeff said calmly.
Both hands gripped the pool cue. They stood there and stared. Jeff moved forward and their chests touched.
"I just want to play pool," the man said and stepped away and walked to the bar where he was swallowed by the crowd.
Jeff winked at me. We finshed the game and walked out to the crowds and the cool night and the electrified air.

Back at the house, I opened my last bottle of wine and we all sat back on the plush sofa. Jeff had turned off the ringers to my phone, I would discover the next day. The patio door was open and moonlight streamed in and the ocean crashed and roared. We watched the white line of moving surf. Jeff put his glass down on the side table and kissed Tara. Her glass looked precarious so I took it and started to get up. Her hand grabbed my leg.
"Where are you going?, she asked.
"Bed," I said.
"Not without me," she said.
I looked at Jeff and he certainly looked intrigued. I sat back down.
She pulled me to her and we kissed, swirling wet sucking tongues. I nibbled at her lips and ran my tongue along them. I kissed her neck and licked and nibbled along the sensitive skin below her ear. She shuddered. Her hand squeezed me through my khacki shorts. She broke away and turned to Jeff and kissed him. I undid my pants and pulled it out and she put her hand on it blindly, as if by instinct. She worked the loose skin over the head. Her grip tightened as I became erect. Her breathing became heavy. One of her shapely legs was thrown over Jeff's and his hand was busy under the dress. I inhaled the muskiness of arousal. Then she let go of me and moved both hands to Jeff's zipper.
'Let's go to the bedroom," I said.
We walked in an awkward line as Tara held us both and she was soon laid out on her back between us on the cool sheets. She was giggling with excitement. Her hands worked both of us, slowly stroking and then stopping to squeeze and run a thumb over the head. I saw Jeff's famous organ for the first time in the half moonlight. Tara's eyes were locked on it. I licked and nibbled at Tara's bud of a nipple and it became hard. Her black hair lay out beneath her, and I leaned over and kissed again along her neck. Jeff's fingers moved in her like plucking a harp. She squirmed and stared at me with pleading brown eyes, grabbing my face and tried to literally put her tongue down my throat. Her hips sensually did the ancient dance of Salome. Cries escaped from somewhere deep in her. I got up and turned on the ac and shut the windows, then went to the kitchen for some cool water, my hard on leading the way back in the half dark.I bumped it into the door.
"Owwww!" I said.
Tara laughed.
"Awwwww.Let me kiss it," she said.
So I walked to the edge of the bed and she propped up on her elbow and took me in her grip. She hefted the head with her wet tongue. Then it did swirling, wet circles all along the length, around and around the ultra sensitive head, down along the wrinkled skin of the seven inch shaft, then back up, where her moist mouth took me in like a warm sensual sanctuary. Jeff's head was between her legs, artlessly licking like working an asssembly line.
Tara let go of me and said, "That feel better?"
I crawled back into bed.
"Ohhh! I hurt my penis, too," said Jeff, in mock pain. He moved up beside us, wiping his mouth and lay on his back.
"Poor, baby. Let me kiss that one, too," said Tara. She lay on her side with her head on his chest and gripped him. Her red tipped fingers could not encircle his prodigious girth. I must say, as I watched, Jeff did deserve his reputation. It was thick and straight with a huge pink helmet. As Tara licked at it, it looked like a large, ripe, red plum. She worked the loose skin over it and worked her lips on the side,her pink tongue flicking here and there like a small wet whip. She took half the head into her mouth, and then a little more and then the shaft was slick with her saliva and she worked up a steady rhythm. Her hand held him in a firm grip. Her mouth was stretched wide. Jeff moaned with pleasure. White foamy spittle drooled down her mouth and then down his shaft.
I moved down to the bottom of the bed and situated her on her back as she continued ministering to Jeff's famous eguipment. Instinctively I understood that a menage a trois is a delicate dance, an intricate theatre of sensuality and sensation. I wanted to give Tara pleasure but not interupt Jeff's pleasure. Three people in a bed means a lot of giving and a lot of humanity. Love times three. There is a delicate balance, as we would learn later, that must be maintained.
I was on my knees before her spread legs. I took one and held her ankle to my mouth and kissed it as I messaged her firm calf muscles. Then I kissed up and down her calf, licking and tasteing sweetness and sweat and the hint of saltwater. I messaged her thighs with my fingers bringing them almost to her black patch, until I could feel the steaminess. Then my mouth and tongue worked up and down her thigh, almost to her pussy, but not quite. She squirmed on the bed. Then I started with the other leg.
I did this for about thirty minutes. Jeff propped her head up with pillows and knelt beside her. His hands covered her breasts, softly squeezing. She had him in her grasp like she would never let go. She would take him into her mouth for a few minutes, sucking audibly hard and then lay her head back, stroking him. Jeff pulled and twisted at her button nipples.
When I finally put my tongue into her she was worked up to a super sensitive state, hot as a steel furnace. It had a familiar musk, the tidal creek scent of love. I held her wide open, her large lips in my fingers as I used my tongue as a small penis, plunging in and out, and she exploded almost immediately, holding my head down as if trying to put it inside her.
I moved back up beside her and the pillows were warm.. She lay back laughing.
"" she said, squeezing Jeff. A drop of clear liquid oozed from the slit , puddled, and then, like a tear, slowly ran down the head. Tara rubbed it into him with her thumb and the entire plum head glistened.
Then Jeff was over her, almost covering her entirely and he was in her. She moaned as he eased it in and soon he was all the way in and she wrapped her legs around him and bucked away. Jeff pounded back and within ten minutes it was over. They were both sweating. Jeff rolled off her onto his back.
Tara gripped me again so I moved between her legs. She was so slick I slid right in and we moved slowly, savoring every sensation. She came and came again. Everytime I would feel that throbbing of ecstacy, I would stop and lick down her sweaty, sweet stomach to nibble and play at her soaking slit. After the feeling subsided, I would again enter her with just the head inside. Then I would put in a few more inches and slowly stroke, moving side-to-side and then I would be all in her slowly stroking all seven inches in and then out until the head almost dislodged. Finally, as we moved to a grand finish, her legs were over my shoulders and I put it in as far as I could and we had an orgasm together that was so powerful, we couldn't move afterwards. I lay on top of her with her legs and arms wrapped around me and her hips rotating. I never wanted her to stop. She worked at me until I became soft and it finally plopped out.
She rolled on her side and put her arms around the sleeping Jeff and I put my arms around her and we were the mystical beast with three backs. I soon fell asleep and woke to bright, blinding sunshine and a headache.

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