chap. 23...the wood nymph of cameron village  

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chap. 23...the wood nymph of cameron village

I called Daphne and she invited me to Raleigh the next weekend, so Saturday morning I drove west with the top down and the white lines on I40 blurred past like the national debt clock. The road began in Wilmington and the first green and white sign read, 'Barstow, CA 2306 miles'. It stretched across North Carolina, a vein of commerce from sea to mountains and then on, across the mighty Mississippi and the Rockies and then to the Pacific, a yellow brick road the pioneers in their Conestogas could never have imagined.
I had the directions written down; there were several turns when I got to the city. Traffic was being routed around through several detours. It wasn't confusing enough so they had to make new one-way streets downtown. Tall buildings thrust up toward the blue, cloudy sky as I sat sat in traffic. I smelled the noxious fumes from internal combustion and was glad when I saw the sign for Cameron Village.
I left the pawn shops and shoe stores and old dime stores that survived downtown hand to mouth. The homeless haunted the streetcorners like grown ragamuffins out of Dickens, rubbing their hands, asking for spare change, gesturing rudely behind moving backs when spurned, a defiant futile stare as the woman hurries up the stairs and into the stone faced church. I watched as he shook his head with the mental clarity that real hunger brings. Like an eminent execution, it tends to focus the mind wonderfully.
A lot of the storefronts downtown were boarded even as a renaissannce was taking place a few blocks over where they bricked over three blocks and made it a plaza with concerts and open air cafes with bright umbrellas and a nomadic hot dog cart. Makes the courthouse crowd happy. That's about it. Brilliant idea. Now here I sat.
I came up to the round Holiday Inn and turned left and went past the Char-grill and St. Mary's College and then the ponderosa of a spread that was NCSU started. I turned right and then left and I was on a side street that was shaded with ancient oaks and a little creek slowly rolled by across the street. It was a two story duplex with weathered bricks and I saw her blue Blazer parked in front. I pulled in behind it at the curb and walked to the door.

Before dark we walked the few blocks to Hillsborough Street along the tree lined sidewalks, cracked in places from the invading roots of the old oaks. The creek ran under a bridge and we stopped while I looked down at the quiet, dark, slow moving water and the lush green grassy banks that sloped down to it. A jogger rushed by on the other side of the street and looked at Daphne and then did a double take. A black lab tied to a retractable lease was leading a young girl toward us. I took her hand and we stepped closer to the rusty iron rail as he passed. The girl smiled and I held out my hand to him, palm up. The dog sniffed it and then allowed me to rub his head. Daphne spoke to the dog as if to a child. The streetlight above us flickered on as the gas heated and glowed.
We walked on.
As we got closer I heard the squeel of brakes and impatient horns. Ahead I saw a bus stop and disgorge students. Most carried backpacks and as we came to the four lane street they walked by us hurrying to and from classes. We turned right.
"That's the library," said Daphne, pointing across the street.
It was ten stories tall with a wide bottom floor that spread out for a block. A red brick walkway led from the sidewalk out around back where there was a red brick plaza with benches and tables with chairs.
"Let's have a drink here", she said and dropped my hand.
She led the way through the open door and we walked up a flight of steps and then over to a table that looked out onto the busy street. groups of young people hoisted mugs of beer and sloppily toasted everything. Cool looking dudes were setting up for a band on the small stage.
The waitress was pretty and her hair was half blond and half red. We ordered beers and when she left we looked at each other as if for the first time. There was a silence until the beers came, but it wasn't awkward.
"Do you like these shorts. They're called Jams."
"They're lovely," I lied. They were hideous.
"Oh, you lie like hell," she said.
Her red hair was tied behind and she wore a Wolfpack red tshirt with the yellowish knee length shorts. Her tiny feet were encased in white tennis shoes with sweat socks falling down like a sleepy drunk. She looked at me earnestly with big green eyes that sparkled in the soft light from the small oil lamp on the table.
"What made you move to Raleigh?"
"Close to home."
We were both raised thirty miles from Raleigh.
"Too close."
"Not really. They have everything here. Good food, museums, concerts, good schools.'
"The roads suck."
"And Wilmington is better?"
"You really ought to consider moving here. You can get into NC State at night. I can get you a job with KP Electric. My good buddy works there."
I nodded my head.
"Your good buddy, huh?"
"My good buddy. I have a lot of friends. You might as well get used to that. We're going to meet Judy O and Kevin at eight for dinner."
"It's seven now."
"Oh, they'll be late. Judy's never on time."
I nodded. The waitress brought us more beer and when she smiled I noticed a small green ball on top of her tongue. There was another one going through her eyebrow. When she left I looked at Daphne.
"A walking voodoo doll," I said and we laughed. There was a silence. She reached over and took my hand.
"I really love those letters you sent to me," she said.
I looked to see if she was being sarcastic but her face was sincere.
"Did you mean what you said?" she asked. The third beer had loosened her up.
I nodded.
"I meant every word."
She relaxed back in the chair and looked out the window.
"Don't be jerkin' me around," she said. "I'll kick your ass."
"I'll kiss yours."
"You better."
"I mean right now," I said.
"The band might not like the competition."
"You're sleeping with the band?"
"Told you I had a lot of friends."
We finished the last dregs of the bottled beer. It had the consistency and foam of spittle.
"Let's just go home," she said. "And you can kiss my ass there."
"Lead on, my wood nymph."
"How did you know that?"
I shrugged. The waitress brought the bill and I payed and then we were down the steps and out the door into the cool night. I smelled diesel fumes immediately. As I put the change away Daphne grabbed a few singles. We were accosted at the door by a bedraggled visage holding out a hand and, winking at me she gave him one and then we walked back the way we had came, Daphne lurching slightly and rubbing against me on the crowded street as we weaved through the human maze and made our way to her house.

Daphne opened a "little bottle of wine" and we sat on her couch and drank it in stemmed glasses with icecubes. She turned on the tv. The local news was on. We watched it with the sound off and drank the wine and talked. The bottle soon lay on it's side and Daphne was slanting that way herself. She got up.
"I'll be right back," she said and lurched to the bedroom. I watched her recede down the hall in those horrid shorts.
My mind was afire.
After Key West we had went our separate ways and weeks later I couldn't get her out of my head. And it wasn't the sex, though it was good. Kami was the sensual queen in that area, an absolute solid gold cornaecopia of pleasure. Her skin was sensitive to the feel of my very breath. She could take me to the dark depths of the oceans or to the moon where she filled my heart with drifting stardust. Even here, now, with Daphne, I thought of her and suddenly in my throat I felt a pill I could hardly swallow.
She came back to the room, cutting off the lights until she sat back beside me in the flickering light from the silent tv. Now she wore just the Wolfpack tshirt. She slid beside me and then my arms were around her and we kissed. When we broke apart I took her in. Her head was tilted and her eyes were closed. Her wavy red hair was now hanging loose. A gentle smile relaxed her face. Her square chin stood out like a dare.
I kissed along her neck, licking and tasted her sweat mingled with a sweet smelling but bitter perfume. My hand fell to her lap and I felt the light hairs of her pubis on my palm. I scratched at them lightly with my nails. I slid it lower and felt the wetness. I lightly ran a finger along her slick slit and brought it to my mouth. She tasted like a sweet musky oyster.
I got on my knees before her and pulled her legs apart. I felt the small scabs on her legs. I kissed along her thigh. She pulled me up.
"You know I don't like that," she said. "Let's go to bed".
I helped her up and then she led the way, still holding my hand. We were soon under the cool sheets. Her head was on my chest. I felt her hand as it cupped my balls and urgently squeezed.
"Easy, baby. They'll break."
She took the shaft in her hand and worked the loose skin impatiently. We kissed and our tongues swirled together, wet lips smacking. I became hard in her hand. Her grip tightened and her head moved down my stomach, licking the entire way. I felt her warm breath on the head and then the wet whip of her tongue as she licked behind where the clear juices had gathered. She took it into her mouth and with just the plump end in she sucked softly as her tongue messaged the underside. I didn't move. She took her mouth away and I heard her lips smack as if savoring a passionate wine.
She released me and threw the cool sheets back and got on her hands and knees. The roundness of her curves as she faced away was like a glorious harvest moon. There was a dim light from the open bathroom and I looked at her pink puckered anus for the first time. She shook it lasciviously.
"Kiss it," she said and laughed.
I bent over and kissed a plump white buttock.
I could smell her rich arousal. I slipped my finger along her slit and it was slick as algae in standing water. I slid a finger into her and then two and soon there was a slimy film on them.
"Fuck me," she said urgently.
Her breathing was heavy. I guided my erection to her and worked it around to get it lubricated and then I put the head in. I felt pressure as I slowly worked more in. Everytime I felt a small dry spot with the sensitive head I would pull back and slowly work it through and just a bit deeper. In a few minutes I was buried inside her. I held it there and we were both still. I felt her muscles squeeze me. Daphne slowly started moving away from me. I stayed still, my hands firmly gripping her sides as she fucked me. Her hips moved side to side as she slid away from and to me.
I stayed still and soon I was pulling her to me and she moaned and moaned and then she was against me and her hand went between her legs and strummed like a guitar solo. I stayed still as she rode her orgasm to it's glorious end. I felt her trembling and her gentle contractions as her muscles gently gripped the shaft and released it.
I felt her go limp. I slid almost out of her and then I pulled her to me and slowly I moved her around my rigidness until after what seemed forever, I came also, deep in her.
So deep it had to have penetrated her soul.
I know it did mine.

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as long as it's tomorrow and not next month. Ok?

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

sparkee58 replies on 6/8/2006 1:23 am:
baby, I write everyday and update.
I'll bet you've only read the beginnings of most of my stories.


6/8/2006 1:13 pm

Go huny! I like the chick in the story too! {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

sparkee58 replies on 6/8/2006 2:30 pm:
she is one of a kind

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You cheat...I want details of what happened after you got to her place damnit lol

No Day Is So Bad It Can't Be Fixed With Great Sex!

1 SweetBitch

sparkee58 replies on 6/10/2006 1:48 am:
here is the ending.

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so she had a plump white glad she wasn't a skinny ...flat stomached kinda girl....

sparkee58 replies on 6/23/2006 1:48 am:
no air brush here

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