chap. 10...sailor take warning  

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chap. 10...sailor take warning

I had never been in a sailboat before but I was intriqued with the science of it, so I bought a 1961 24' Lapworth sloop with a small outboard engine and a spartan cabin. It sleeped three snugly in the front berth and that was the number we were concerned with.
The first thing Jeff wanted to do was rename the boat "Hole Stretcher". Kami stuck out her jaw at that suggestion, so we kept the name, "Peregrine". The boat was docked 100 miles up the coast at Oriental, so I took a slow 5 knot three day trip down the ICW, anchoring for two nights. The first night I awoke to the insistent horn of a tug pushing a barge. In the darkness it was lit up like a Las Vegas casino. I climbed out of the cabin to find the anchor was dragging and I was right in his path. He could not stop. Luckily the engine started on the first pull and I was able to get out of his way. When I finally pulled up to the dock at Carolina Beach on the third day, I was sunburned all over, except for a raccoon ring around my eyes. I was beat.
I jumped over to the wooden dock and tied up to the steel cleats. I used a couple of figure of eights and ended with a half hitch; I had studied my Chapman's diligently. The firm ground seemed alien and it took me a minute to adjust my legs. I called Jeff's house and Kami was soon there to pick me up. We drove to her house. Jeff was not there, he was working.
At their house I took a cool, gentle shower and then Kami rubbed lotion and aloe onto my burns. She opened a bottle of wine and we sat at the kitchen table drinking it and talking. It was midmorning and she was looking pretty sloppy. Her blond hair looked thin and limp and as the light got sharper I saw wrinkles I had never noticed before. She still wore her housecoat, which she was wearing when she picked me up. She hunted around the house, looking on top of pictures and rattling through jewelry boxes until she found a little green bud she had hidden months before. She smiled big at her discovery.
"You know, we could have sex, but I don't think Jeff would like it," she said.
"Probably not," I replied.
"Not unless he's watching," she said and laughed at the absurdity of the situation.
"He wants to be," she said in a sing song voice.
"I really don't care if he watches or not, Kam, it's worth it," I said, the wine taking control of my mouth.
"I know. I wish we could do it more. If you didn't have all those little sluts you're sleeping with, we could"
"I'm not married. You are."
"Well, it's making me mad. You might get diseases. You don't need to sleep with anybody but me."
Kami drank her wine off. She was being melodramatic. That was her way of carrying on a conversation. We both knew what we felt in our hearts; we just didn't know how to come out and nakedly say it. And we both loved Jeff so much.
"I have to go to the mall and take back a dress," she said. "Want to come?"
"Let me think...No!" I told her.
"Well, let me drink one more glass of wine and get ready. All I have to do is put on my makeup and do something with this hair," she said, pulling on it.
"You know, I don't think Jeff would mind if you eat me while I put on my makeup," she said, sounding like a little girl asking to stay up late.
"Well, if you're sure he won't mind."
We heard the bathroom door slam closed a second later. We looked at each other.
"I hope he wasn't listening," Kami said in a low voice. Then she laughed again.
"I doubt it," I said. But I knew he had heard every word.

It took a week to get rid of the aching, peeling sunburn and on the next Thursday the three of us pulled into the gravel parking lot at the marina and parked by the docks. The marina was almost deserted. We put the cooler on board with beer and diet soda for Kami. She had on a colorful one piece that was cut high on the sides and low in the front, showing most of her lucious cleavege. Her blond hair was tied on her head. A few loose strands blew in the cool morning breeze. Her big sunglasses glinted in the sun as she watched me and Jeff load up the boat.
We had planned to take a day trip to Southport and dock at a restaurant for lunch, then back home. The key word here is planned. Very seldom do things go as you desire on the water. True, we knew every inch of the waterway for miles around, but with Jeff's shallow tri-hull ski boat we didn't have to worry about obeying the buoys. Peregrine drew 3'6" and that is a lot of boat to have below water.
Kami sat down at the front of the boat leaning back against the cabin top. I dropped the outboard down and started it. Jeff untied us and pushed us away from the dock. I gripped the wooden tiller and backed out and we were out of the marina and headed down Snow's Cut, the section of the waterway that flows under the main bridge from the mainland. Jeff sat beside me in the cockpit.
The tide was just turning and the water flowed against us. Running down the center, we made slow progress. I watched the vegetation on the banks creep by. A motor yacht, coming from the other way slowed to ease it's wake and the captain yelled something and waved.
I waved back.
"See how friendly people are on the water?" I told Jeff. He smiled and nodded his head.
Kami turned around from her perch at midships.
"He said we were going backwards." she said.
"That's what he said." She turned back around and relaxed, pulled out a bottle of oil and rubbed it on her arms and long, shapely legs. She looked like a blond Cleopatra, cruising the Nile.
I looked at the bank and sure enough we were losing ground.
"Maybe we should turn the boat around and go backwards," said Jeff.
"Funny," I said.
"Get over as far to the side as you can. Get into the little eddies. The water is calmer there," said Jeff.
So we hugged the bank and an hour later we were out of the cut and made the wide sweeping turn around the sandbars out into the open ICW. The distance is about 5 miles.
Once we headed south the wind was lazily steady on the port side. Jeff took the tiller and Kami sat with us and I untied the roller furling jib and pulled it open. The boat slightly heeled and Kami's green eyes opened wide as she gripped the side. She gasped.
"Is it going to turn over?" she asked, excitement in her voice.
"Woooooo," said Jeff sarcastically, at the tiller. We had picked up maybe a knot of speed.
I killed the engine and raised it on its mount. The silence was sudden and pleasant. Kami sat beside Jeff on one side and I sat at the other side at the winch shaping the jib in the light breeze. We found the sweet spot and relaxed. Jeff steered south between the green and red markers. We all opened beers.
"Is that Chicken Island over there?" Kami asked, pointing.
"Yes, that's it," I answered. At the time I was doing work on Bald Head Island and we would take a ferry over in the mornings. We rode by this island every day. We had a new man on the crew from South Carolina, and the first time he saw the island, white with seagulls he thought they were chickens. The name stuck.
A worried look came into Jeff's face as I handed him the beer. The wind had died down as the small landmass blocked it. An almost opague cloud was ahead of us, moving, changing shape.
"You need to start the engine, " said Jeff.
I sat my beer down and it immediately turned on it's side and poured out the drains. I don't think I have ever finished a beer on an underway sailboat, ever. The engine dropped down and I pulled it hurredly, but it sputterd and choked out. Then we were in the cloud and it attacked us.
'Mullet biters," said Jeff. These were the flies that you find on the beaches devouring the washed up, dead fish. The bite is extremely painfull and we were in a swarm of them. Kami screamed with indignation as they tore into her smooth skin. She retreated down to the cabin and closed the hatch tight. Jeff cursed and swung at them, watching the tiller and the sail that now was almost limp. We were losing steerageway and were starting to drift to the shallow water.
I pulled at the engine rope like a maniac.
"We need to throw out the anchor before we run aground, " I yelled.
"What anchor?" he asked.
I looked to the bow pulpit. Sure enough, we had forgotten to rig it.
"Oh, we're ready for blue water," I said sarcastically, upset with myself. The engine finally started and Jeff steered us away from the Killer Flies at Chicken Island. I rolled up the jib and tied it off. Kami opened the hatch and peeked out. She looked at me over the top of sunglasses. Her green eyes were flashing.
"This is not as much fun as you said it would be," she said. We were away, back in the center and she climbed back to her perch. Jeff looked at me and shook his head.
"Beers," I said and retrieved fresh ones.
It was becoming a glorious day. The sun was reaching higher and lazy white clouds floated by. We passed out of the lee of Chicken Island and again killed the engine and pulled out the jib. Again the wonderful silence. At the halfway point there was very little boat traffic, it being the middle of the week. Three dolphin swam beside us and delighted Kami.
The bouys change color between Carolina Beach and the inlet at Southport, we did not know this. While we headed away from the Carolina Beach inlet the bouys were red on the right.
"That red marker sure looks a little far off," said Jeff. He sounded confused. There was no green marker in sight.
"Red, right, returning, " I said.
"Well, it sure looks far over."
So we went around, hugging it and suddenly
the boat stopped and the water rushed around it. Kami screamed. I had felt it solidly hit the bottom. Jeff swung the tiller from side to side. I pulled in the sail and dropped the engine. We tried to back out to no avail. We were...
"Aground," Jeff said. There were no other boats in sight. Kami was turned around looking at us.
"I'm getting hungry," she said. The glow she had while watching the dolphins jump was gone.
"Well, what now, Gilligan?," said Jeff. He opened a fresh beer.
"I'm really hungry," Kami whined. "I'm practically starrr...ving."
So I rigged the anchor up and Jeff walked it out, carrying it above his head until he could toss it out to the deeper water. I pulled on the rode hard to set it.
I ran it around the jib winch a couple of turns and tied it off. Kami came to the back and sat beside Jeff. I sat on the other side. The sun was high in the sky, but it wasn't that hot, kind of a sultry, humid heat. We drank beers and smoked and soon I watched a Jeff's fingers moved under the crotch of Kami's suit. She laughed and said, "Jeff!" She moved her hips forward and he pulled the material to the side and then the finger began sliding in and out. I got up and walked to the front of the boat with the boathook and probed the water. I barely heard them whispering, then they disappeared below. Five minutes later Jeff was back sitting in the cockpit.
Kami called my name.
"I need you to come here for a minute," she said.
So I went down below and she lay in the vee berth. She had nothing on. She lay on her stomach facing me.
"Will you get me a diet coke, she said.
I got it and opened it and she took it and drank. She handed it back and I sat it aside. "Come here," she said. She wanted to whisper something.
"Jeff wanted a blowjob. He always wants a blowjob. I made him promise we could have sex after," she said.
She rolled over and I pulled off my trunks and was beside her. Then I was licking and sucking her breasts. I held them one at a time in both hands and her fingers moved through my hair. I licked my way to her blond pubis, where I gently pulled on the hairs with my teeth. I brushed my cheeks
on it. Kami sighed.
I held the lips apart and licked her until she came. Then I was in her and we fucked slow, looking into each others eyes and kissing, totally absorbed. Time and space disappeared.
"Hey! Here comes a boat!" Jeff yelled, beating on the cabin top. I heard a faint engine getting closer.
Kami increased her speed. Her hips moved side to side under me. I lay still inside her and she squeezed me several times.
"Give it to me, baby. Don't you want me to have it?" she said. Her voice was husky with passion.
Moving ever so slowly, I moved inside her until I could not stand it anymore and exploded. She pulled me close and worked her hips.
"He's almost here!" Jeff yelled.
We disentangled and I pulled on my trunks, trying to situate a large hard on.
The skiboat had pulled beside us, too small to tow us out. So they did some circles in the deep water and every time the resulting wake would lift up Peregrine, I would tighten up on the winch. Eventually we were floating in deep water.
Two hours later we were back at the dock, where we tied up, unloaded and went home, battle weary but smiling.

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