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2/10/2006 12:13 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


We've been here a while, and the pool is very private, so ur wee cuddly body is all brown and toasty looking, even the undersides of your tits and the insides of your thighs, seeing as you love to lie there with your legs spread to let the sun warm that lovely bum and cunt. You're toasted on all surfaces. Theres not a lot to do here but sunbathe, read.........and fuck. You're lying on your tummy and im beside you just idly running my hand up and down your back,bum and legs, with you starting to get a wee bit horny and pushing your bum up every time my hand passes by and your legs spreading a wee bit wider, offering me your wet hole more and more each time, getting wetter and wetter as you start to grind your clit on the towel you're lying on. Begging for some relief and action. You're heads turned towards me and your eyes and face are telling me you want to be fucked, PLEASE. I get up and kneel beside you and gently slip my thumb into you so that my thumb can massage your g-spot while the rest of my hand can work your clit and lips and, by squeezing my hand shut, i can heighten the intensity. I work you this way slowly taking the rhythm from the thrusting of your pulsing arse till you suddenly start to come, big time, shuddering and moaning....its crept up on you, you're spurting all over my hand, your arse pushes up in the air, trying to get my hand more deeply into you and i start REALLY frigging you hard and fast and furious....bang bang bang...until you suddenly cant take anymore and collapse, trapping my hand, totally and utterly FUCKED. My hand slips out of your soaking wet hole and starts gently running up and down your body again as you recover. Ready for next time. Have a good day sweetie, dont cum too often!!! This was sent to me by email from a lovely man have been chatting to for quite a few months now he is a bit older but age doesnt matter much now. Enjoy reading.

rm_Tubbs53 65M
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2/12/2006 11:33 pm

Wow, Pammy, where do you get friends who write lovely stuff like that. You should tell all the other girls, so they can get some too!! Or are you keeping him for yourself?? I'd like to meet you about it??

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