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5/3/2006 7:00 am
talladega racing

Was able to make it to talladega friday, saturday ,sunday. i wasnt able to go back monday.i tried, wish i did after i got to work. they had my job covered, so i could have went. ahhhhhhh. missed a good race. oh well i taped it. ok. so here is how my weekend went..........FRIDAY...got down to the track at 8am. was able to walk arround the camping areas some and souv. row. at 10 i signed in to work and started to work wound up in talladega tower behind the tower camera man. talked to him watched what he did for a living. hell i can do that. just point the camera. had to keep people out of the towers from the talladega tower section to the moss thorton tower. was able to get everyone to move that had got into these sections. but had 2 kids that about run my legs off for about 45 min. before i was able to catch them and make them leave. they would go into the stands and i would go after them, they would see me comming and they would move into the tunnels. when i went into the tunnels, they moved to the stands. this went on for 45 min. so when i finally did catch them i was ready to throw them off the towers. the boss finally sent me some help AFTER i had got everything clear. i told the people where to work, and that freed me up to just sit and watch everything...watched practice. and bush qualifying. and thats about it for friday...............................SATURDAY. got to the track at 5:30am. took a nap in the truck. and got signed in at started working at 7am. was able to get to my usual section o.v.hill south sec.A-B. had a blast. saw some people that usually come down everyrace. they usualy get the same seats, so i get to see them every year. Tony Stuart started his flip in front of me. got a bunch of hugs from some pretty ladies. they was seated in the suites but they said they could not feel the cars as the came by. so i let them stand in front of me. also got free food and drinks fom them. got to see lots of BOOBS down there. let some of the other ushers watch the race from my spot for a while. while i worked there place for a bit. had 1 lady to offer me a blow job if i would let her go into the towers (she did not have a ticket for the towers). tempting....verrrrrry tempting. but my boss was watching so i told her to come back latter when he was not arround(HA,HA,HA).after the race just hung arround the parking lot and watched the ladies, with some friends. gave out some beer for boobs,(nice trade). and came on back home. 1hr drive. so no biggie...........................................SUNDAY. was wash out cold rainy. no boobs but did see some more friends from prev. races. made some more friends. told some ppl. the spill on the usher bit. after they called the race i was just cold and wet so i came on home.......because of work i couldn't go back monday. but i did tape it. hope i didnt bore everyone...later

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