In my eye of sorrow  

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11/25/2005 5:52 pm

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In my eye of sorrow

A thousand microscopic spiders draw their cold fibery web;detail fades away. It burns to see the world, need for touch-through it to sense,to blend.

I see colours from a strange world,just changeing-shifting or plainly stay the same. What is all this?This kaleidoscope of people and events,of screems and cryes? I close my eyes;eye_lashes zipper-shut in hope for all to fade away - sharper images invade my brain as I realise.....

..I need the air,I need the water;to feel the earth beneath my feet and my skin burned_up by the wormth of your body.
..I need to breath and cough the smoke,the blakening illusion. I need the rain pouring down my body,wash away entangleing ghosts;to have the soil nourish my whole,and...the fire to light my fath twards you.

In my are the one,my beginning and my end; you are my purpose - I am your pride.


It is not 'a love song' nor a sad story. It is meant for the world and for the joy of is more of a 'thank you' for all this and 'a cry' for how sorry I am we don't appreciate all this as we should.

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