sordy2go2 41F
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8/7/2006 6:14 pm

Well he left around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. No worries had plans to meet with a couple that we had seen before. The first time we were with them was ok little nervous I guess you could say. Nothing a few drinks could help out with. So we went to dinner we all had a few drinks head back to there place watch a movie. And a few more drinks. So we kinda start in the living room a little oral for everyone around. But when we move into the bedroom take turns pleasing each other with some more oral action. We start to have sex and was so lame. I mean the other couple was not BLAH...I mean he came so fast was like maybe 5 -10 minutes of sex with his wife and that was it. Now my friend and myself are used to go hours and hours before he cums. So we kinda take a break and call it a night with them..... So we head back home and finish the night with a BIG BANG. I did get a new toy and put it to use that very night. I had the most mind blowing orgasm in my life was unreal how my body felt. I was left speechless after that....So we finish up around god knows when I know we got home around 2:30am or something like that so who know. Got up around 10am and just chilled out got a little more sex in. No pressure no games no worries what could be better? Sunday we just fell asleep got up around 5:30am on Monday got him up and moving with a blow job. Can we say good morning Monday with a blow job. Nothing like getting out of bed on the right foot on a Monday. Any ways here is to another great weekend.... And can only hope there is more of them out there.

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