So ya wanna got to war, eh, EMINEM???  

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8/8/2006 1:10 pm

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So ya wanna got to war, eh, EMINEM???

Last night, I received a strange phonecall from someone who may or may not have been Eminem who had this to say.

Yo Lava we ain't gonna have ya ya hadda be badda
Ain't feelin yur java
Wake up to yada yada
yur Drama is sadda then dahli Llamna's smelly grandma, so what have ya?

Yur Poppa is Bad? You ain't never had a Datta now ya smackin em mad? Crackin a Fad? Hackin and crackin yur mission of whack whackin?
Yur paddy whack quack quackin fillin a glad bag

You unfortunate lad.Too bad so sad.
I ain't feelin yur Dad, but I'm lovin yur momma.
She get me goin hubba hubba when I rub her and stick to her gumma like a tub a hubba bubba, mmmmm. that good
You in trubba bubba, never been to the hood.
and now yur in it fur good
You think you got it rough, and now yur tougher than hollywood?
Yur penniless, too.
I gotta movie for you.
A fridge too far and now yur stomach is through
There are dozens of you fur every love that is true.
And yur pill poppin momma's rappin betta than you
So what'll ya do, you say yur momma was wrong?
She shoulda been dealin tha real all along?
Yeah, well guess what! Yur the one they locked up!
You ain't dealin with that, then put up or shut up!! I'm fed up with yur cup a sorrow, see me tommorrow
beg, steal or borrow
got no time to be thorough
I'm zippin like zorro
puttin checks in the mail
So earn what ya burn
I just may pay yur bail
Free ya from jail
A reason to vomit or the wind in yur sail
You ridin the comet? or huntin a whale?
Mr Haley, yur son says he's after the grail!
Holy fuckin moly get me a fuckin pail.
Cause I don't give a piss what kinda shit ya been through.
yur thirty fuckin three and now yur just comin to?
You got somethin ta do? The world has nothin for you!
I hope yur humpin a shoe!
Cause if you don't love the walkin then our talkin is through!
You wanna sing to the world, fine here's the mic!
Say what you like! Nail it like spike!
And about that shit you been tryin to say...
Say it to me now, FUCKER!! Or be on yur way!!

To which I responded....

Eminem is.....real....bad..GUY!!!
Don't go to his might.....DIE!
Boy, he sure...


That click was the last I ever heard of this mysterious rapper!

I simply never learned that!
I'll make the most KickASS album in the world, but I DON'T FREESTYLE, I tells ya!!

By the WAY, EMINEM, if that IS yur real name.


sooolongsuckers 42M

8/9/2006 10:13 am

Sure I know YOU wouldn't lie to me, MZhunyhole! The question is....

Would M and/or M lie to me?

sooolongsuckers 42M

8/15/2006 10:38 am

I don't know whether BOSS "got" this message or Eminem "got" this message, or if I just made a typo. I'm really going to have to keep track of my typing errors though. Misunderstanding BOSS could be disastrous.

Not worried about M and/or M though. Nope. Not me.
He may have the money to have me killed, but I...I got...uh..

This wristwatch!
Hey where'de it go?

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