My ooooooone accomplishment!  

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8/5/2006 12:28 pm

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9/22/2006 5:17 pm

My ooooooone accomplishment!

I was asked to post the following message! He says you'll know who it's from!!

Okay never mind the chanting Allah at the hockey games, or scaring all the Freaks with the vigilante justice and the "LOFT" crap (The Loft is only a Bar, by the way), or the economic reform, or the corporate reciprocity, or the corporate responsibility toward the poor thus increasing demand for their goods and services, or the summoning up support for Arnold Schwartzenegger in the 2008 presidential election, or the telling off Our Lady Peace in front of all their fans for summonin up Canadian hatred toward Bush, or the invitation for the entertainment industry to get involved in operation comet and bring humour to the middle east, or the comic insults I tried to use to rid the site of hatred, or the comic war I waged on gangsta mentality and gangsta rappers alike, or the characters I used to try to heal the scars of sexual abuse, or the stance I took against the oversaturation of sex and degrading of women (not including the lay on the bed and shut the fuck up post, it's okay if you get each other), or the standing up to all the bullies including Herman from the abuse team, or the attempt to wage world war three by suggesting that Heavens Hitlers (Germany) could play a key role in fighting against the holocaust in Uganda, or that the Queens of England(UK) could play a role in the spiritual uplifting of New York, or the war I waged on organized religion, (I see I may have been wrong for that one, I dunno), or the general improvement toward global rleations that I put tireless efforts towards...

I failed at everything I tried to do on this site.
But I think I might have accomplished ooooooone thing.

See all those oooo's in one? I don't know, I may be wrong about this, but it seemed like every since the first profile where I said, "Bring it on Ameeeeeerica!" and all the other extra letters I used to express drawn out tones in other posts, it seemes like everyone started to do that one the site. Soon I started noticing it on other sites too. Eventually I even noticed that these eeeextra letters were even being used in words off the internet like on the back of DVD's and stuff! I mean no one took much interest in the global relations scheme, but the extra letters really took off!!!

I guess things just go like that. Someone else who is influential copies what I do then someone copies them and it just spreads like wild fire. I was hoping that would happen with the whole World Wit War thing and I figured once people could start making the serious issues in the world more fun, the owrld would be a better place.

I guess I should just be grateful for the extra letters, becoming as popular as it did!

However, I have noticed alot of other changes here in my home town, as well.

Lots of shirts seem to have followed some of the more trivial trains of thought from my postings.

Shirts that say, "Me Like Girls" and "Pissing the world off one person at a time" and others I can't remember now that seemed to uncannily follow the mindless portion of my scheme. There really have been lots.

I've also noticed, that every since the affection I had expressed toward New York City, where my real father is from, that NY shirts are poppin up all over my home town in BC. I mean I heart NY is everywhere around here now.

I guess in a sense, NY is like the center of the world given all the things that are going on today, but I never really noticed all these NY shirts til I came onto the site.

There also seems to be alot of KISS shirts, which I'm sure has nothing to do with me, except that they were listed as one of my favorite bands in my annual, which I invited people to read in one post.

I'm sure it's all in my head, but I guess I see the progression of everything I did more than anyone.

Every since the beginning when I wrote the advice question claiming to have far superior marketing skills than 95% of the large businesses out there, and that I know this because yada yada yada, and the targeting the entertainment industry, among many other things, I've felt that there must have been someone out there in the business world to take an interest in what I was doing.

I have seen reference to me on television, although not in any clear sense. I saw "Go Oilers, GO Special" (like Kmunch would say) on a Much Music textmessaging show, and the MAy 1st issue of world weekly news seemed to uncannily be directed toward the operation comet thing.

I mean heck, I was giving people free advertising, who wouldn't want in on it.

I guess for everything to have worked I would have needed to get more popular, and actually have putten out a record.

It was my plan to have a single released by September 11th this year, and "If You Can't take the Heat, Get out of AdultFriendFinder" released the following March, but then the broken leg thing, and the not being able to work, and get my gear outta the pawn shop screwed that all up.

I figured by the time I released my CD, I felt confident I could really take a fun approach toward improving global relations that would really take off, and once it got popular and I drew enough people to this site that I could carry everything even further by luring members of the political world and entertainment industry on to the site where the more influential members of the world would have a medium to communicate with the masses. I had plans for a structure to everything, which I was sure could end war and poverty, but there was much more to it than I wouldn't be able to get to until the future.

The problem with everything, is I couldn't seem to carry out my plan without getting my profile removed, and once my profile was removed, much of the documentation of my scheme would be unviewable to the public.

It's hard to know for sure why so many took such a hatred towards me, but I guess trying to change the world ain't the "in" thing these days.

I figured I could change all that.
I guess I was wrong.
Oh Well.
At least I accomplished soooooooooooomething

Yeah whatever! Whoever you are!

shooter0085 42M

8/5/2006 1:17 pm


It is indeed hard to say what exactly you accomplished here, but I shall take a stab at it. In retrospect, I would say you have accomplished the following:
1). You made 5-8 new friends, myself included. These are the people that recognize true genious when they see it.
2). You have inspiried me persoanlly to change my advertising goals on this site, in my business-partnership, and my own business.
3). I am going to nickname you the "Earthquake." It took someone like you to get me out of my shell and see what is really going on here. Earthquakes also produce tremors and after shocks. You, indirectly will be working through me, and the others that you have inspiried by your crazy antics! This is a very powerful gift and talent that you have, and I would urge you to take this to the next level to get you where you really want to go. You could have a HUGE influence on American Society and the good overall.
4). There is one thing that I would ask you to do that could open up some doors for you. There is a member on this site that has DC connections to conservative think tanks, that served under President Reagan. I think it would be well worth your while in contacting him. Send me an e-mail, and I will tell you who he is.
5). Why do you keep getting deleted? This is silly, you have done nothing that falls under abuse have you?
6). I wish I had some capitol to start LIV Productions, Inc. (of course, I would be majority stock holder) lol.

All the best friend and don't be a stranger!


Mythical_Phantom 47M

8/5/2006 2:32 pm

Hey Liv. It’s your friend the Mythical Phantom (Formerly Seducing Phantom). I know, I know, I keep changing my handle. I can’t help it man. I am handle restless.

It seems that some jackasses reported you to the abuse team when you were here with your last handle (so what else is new?) and then some other jackass in the abuse team took the report seriously and deleted all your posts, responses and emails to your friends. Luckily, I had saved some of your emails on my hard drive. Lynnbluff was really upset that your emails to her were gone forever as you can see in the post in her blog. Isthisbetter4u, Potblliedman and Benaki7 and I, tried to calm her down as best as we could but…

With your permission I emailed your very first email to me to Shooter, Potbelliedman and Lynnbluff for I thought it was truly a great piece of writing and it deserved to be read by your friends. Your very last email to me inspired me to write a response to Isthisbetter4u’s post in his blog. He called my response one of the best responses he has ever received in his blog (if he only knew where I got the inspiration from).

I don’t know if you are serious about leaving, but I am going to be spending less and less time here. Other things in my life are catching up with me. I am going to keep an eye on things here though. This site is kind of addicting. Getting to know you has been truly a pleasure and like Shooter, I too have learned a lot from you.

Regards, and hope you are not serious about leaving.


sooolongsuckers 42M

8/5/2006 5:49 pm

Wow! With inspiration like that, you guys make it pretty hard to leave. However, like you say phantom, this site can get addicting, and I got things to do in the real world too. I'd like to keep coming back to check up on things and I may do that, but I just don't want to get all elaborate and keep writing posts here, when all it takes is one retalitory remark, and everything I do is lost . What am I supposed to do? Not Retaliate?
Personally I think the whole abuse team concept is just a waste of time anyways. I mean if ya can't take the heat, get outta AdultFriendFinder!
That is to say if you can't deal with the "abuse" with your own use of words, what use would anyone here have for ya anyways.
But that's my opinion.
So long guys!
I can be reached off site through you know who!

sooolongsuckers 42M

8/5/2006 5:53 pm

Also, Phantom. When __iminatedaginst was deleted, I wasn't able to read your last three Emails or Lynns last one Email. I don't know if you checked save, but if you did, I wouldn't mind reading what you wrote.


sooolongsuckers 42M

8/8/2006 6:36 pm

Those previous comments are from this person, I speak of! Whoever he is!

Gossip_Anyone 42F

9/22/2006 9:47 am


"Long Way To Happy"

One night to you
Lasted six weeks for me
Just a bitter little pill now
Just to try to go to sleep
No more waking up to innocence
Say hello to hesitance
To everyone I meet
Thanks to you years ago
I guess I'll never know
What love means to me but oh
I'll keep on rolling down this road
But I've got a bad, bad feeling

It's gonna take a long time to love
It's gonna take a lot to hold on
It's gonna be a long way to happy, yeah
Left in the pieces that you broke me into
Torn apart but now I've got to
Keep on rolling like a stone
Cause it's gonna be a long long way to happy

Left my childhood behind
In a roll away bed
Everything was so damn simple
Now I'm losing my head
Trying to cover up the damage
And pad out all the bruises
Do you know I had it
So it didn't hurt to lose it
Didn't hurt to lose it
No but oh
I'll keep on rolling down this road
But I've got a bad, bad feeling

It's gonna take a long time to love
It's gonna take a lot to hold on
It's gonna be a long way to happy, yeah
Left in the pieces that you broke me into
Torn apart but now I've got to
Keep on rolling like a stone
Cause it's gonna be a long long way

Now I'm numb as hell and I can't feel a thing
But don't worry about regret or guilt cause I never knew your name
I just want to thank you
Thank you
From the bottem of my heart
For all the sleepless nights
And for tearing me apart yeah yeah

It's gonna take a long time to love
It's gonna take a lot to hold on
It's gonna be a long way to happy, yeah
Left in the pieces that you broke me into
Torn apart but now I've got to
Keep on rolling like a stone
Cause it's gonna be a long long way

It's gonna take a long time to love
It's gonna take a lot to hold on
It's gonna be a long, long, long, long way to happy, yeah
Left in the pieces that you broke me into
Torn apart but now I've got to
Keep on rolling like a stone
Cause it's gonna be a long long way to happy

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