I stiiiiiilll havent fooooooound what I'm looking fooooor!!  

sooolongsuckers 42M
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9/3/2006 4:12 pm
I stiiiiiilll havent fooooooound what I'm looking fooooor!!

Did I say simple?
Cause maybe it isn't that simple.

Whatever the hell it is I've been doing all these years.

I've always had this strong drive to express myself musically, and playing around with music is probably the largest part of me that isn't expressed.

It's what I've spent most of my adult life doing, and in some ways it's taken me away from the world.

I've always felt like I can do it better than anyone else, I mean ANYONE else. Although getting instruments to do the kind of things that I do with music in my head could take some work.

Of course music isn't really about being better than everyone else, but when you want to do something really well, you can find yourself pulling ahead of everyone.

Maybe that's why I related to Kid Rock so much.

It was like it's okay to do things better. Even music. His music really woke somethin up inside of me, except I suddenly found myself more into the thing.

I got more into my lyrics, whereas I had always previously been more about the accompaniment.

I still want to show the world what my brain is capable of someday, and sometimes I think there are certain things the world just HAS to hear, which is why I've been driven so hard.

However, through the course of life, sometimes you find there is more to life than music. There becomes other things I want to accomplish.

After my 3 year stint at university studying political science and economics, I found myself more armed to make a difference in the world.

It was like I knew enough that my lyrics could mean more than just, "Baby, I love you"

I was optimistic about the direction of the human race, and in many ways I feel the human race is capable of accomplishing amazing things.

Things that many people would not think possible.
Ending war and poverty hunger and disease, things of that nature.

I've always felt the world needed my optimism. Not just hasty optimism, but the idea that every problem has some kind of solution. It's just the way I've always thought, and I've always felt that there is no limit to how far I can take that.

Of course, as I say, sometimes things aren't so simple.

Entertainment is definitely not one of those things as people's tastes are always swaying.

At the the time I came into this AdultFriendFinder thing self indulgence still seemed to be the most popular theme in the music industry, which I see more as a manifestation of people getting bored with the typical love themes of the past.

I think the trick to succeeding in the industry is to be able to take the next logical step in the overall universal direction of the evolution of music.

I felt certain I had done that when I started this, which is why I poked fun at all the gangsta rappers. I kinda wanted to pull out the human in them from a funner angle.


Make en laugh at how silly all the drama is and see what other crazy directions people could take it all.

I mean it's in all of us. All the themes. The love. The war. The money. The sex. The violence.

I just felt it was time to add humor.
It seemed like the next logical step after violence.

Of course I don't like to stray too far from the other themes either.

Kid Rock once said music and politics don't mix, but U2, Our Lady Peace, Rage against the Machine, the Beatles, to name a few would probably disagree.

I never said it was simple though.

I'm sure alot of people would say comedy and music don't mix, either.

Especially my whaccky sense of humor.
Guys like Adam Sandler and Chris Rock get a image thrust on them, and the industry forces them to adhere to that image.

But what if you're more than just a comedian?
What if you're more than just a musician?
What if you think politics are done too boringly, and with too much hate, and you still want to make a difference?

I can understand how Kid Rock arrives at "Music and Politics don't mix" given the feel that politics has today.

But what if it could all be just a liiiiiittle more fun?

florallei 100F

9/4/2006 9:15 am

People don't like things stirred up. They want to remain in a complacent mode and pretend all will work out in the end. It is very difficult for someone who is radical and who is ahead of his time to strike out there and get people to like what he or she does.

That is why so many become dissulusioned and give up. I do wish you the very best.

Hope the very best for you!!!


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