I'm counting the days...  

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8/8/2006 11:16 am

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10/21/2007 7:28 pm

I'm counting the days...

...until I see you again. It's a little more than 6 days and the anticipation is building. It's been building since I saw you last–on that unexpected weekend at that beautiful mountain inn.

I feel SO desirable and sexy and loved every time I hear your voice or read your blog or think of our time together. You tell me the sound of my voice makes you hard and I LOVE that!! I thought I'd reached my quota for feeling like this, but according to you, there is no quota!! I'm so glad for that!

I'm trying to decide what to wear when I greet you. I suppose it depends on how early you arrive. Perhaps I'll wear one of my pretty, sexy nighties, or maybe I'll get dressed but have nothing at all under my clothing. No matter–I'll be totally wet, as I am right now.

Perhaps I'll leave my door unlocked and you can simply come in and find me waiting for you. I'll have to think about that. Since you've never been here before, I'll have to give you really good directions so you can slip in without my knowing when you'll finally arrive.

I'll be anticipating that first soft kiss and feeling your desire for me with your first touch. I love how you touch me all over with your hands and your mind. I feel that touch across the miles and can barely wait to feel it once again in person–and so I wait and count...soon!!!

If you are strong and push through the pain and the fear, you often find that happiness is waiting for you on the other side.

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