....A heart stopper for sure.....  

somf1963 55M
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8/29/2006 6:34 am

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9/11/2006 10:38 pm

....A heart stopper for sure.....

I was bitten by a spider the other day and thought nothing of it.Talked to some friends on line I know because their nurses.And all gave me good advice.My leg and foot had only started to swell when I had talked to them so I really didn't think much of it.I had made plans to go camping the next day.When I got up my leg and foot had really swollen by now but I still wanted to go camping.My son has off of work for 2 weeks and he insisted I go to the doctors and he would take me to make sure I went.Hes not only my son hes my best friend.So we went and they admitted me right away.He stayed until they had me in a room and were pumping me full of antibiotics.
Well I got home sunday and had tried to call my son but didn't get any answer.I thought no big deal hes with his girlfriend.So his mind is else where you know.Well monday I start getting phone messages from some of his friends wanting to speak to me.I didn't have my phone on me so I didn't get these messages until monday evening.My mom is checking her house phone and there is a message from my ex father in law.He is hysterical wanting to know what happened?Then there is a knock on the door and there stands a bunch of his friends from work.All the guys look like someone stole their dog and the girls are all crying.I asked them what was the matter and they said ,You don't know yet Ryan's been killed in a car accident.
My GOD I lost it.Slammed the door in their faces not on purpose.I started calling his phone like crazy.NO ANSWER.Called his girl friends house.NO ANSWER.I"M starting to go nuts by now.Shaking cursing God.And in walks my son Hi dad.I hugged and squeezed and kissed this 19 yr old like he was just born.Told what happened and had him call his mother and grandfather.They said they were about to call an ambulance for his mother.We still haven't been able to find out who started it.Boy if I could get my hands on them I'd kick their butts.They don't know what they did.{br]Have you ever had a shock like that.

Cozy_Red 52F

8/29/2006 7:01 am

omg, That would be the worst shock... I bet your heart did stop.

nikid_64 53F

8/29/2006 11:22 am

I had tears in my eyes, I'm so glad he's okay...


somf1963 55M

8/29/2006 11:38 am

Thank you Niki,So did I,thought we were going to have to put his mother in the hospital.

hereIam51757 57F
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9/6/2006 4:02 pm

Oh My God -- Charles!!!!!
You find out who started THIS rumor, and I'll kick their ass!

((((( Charles and Ryan )))))


somf1963 replies on 9/7/2006 1:07 pm:
Hi HereIam,
We found where it started.In BelAir high school apparently.By some of the girls that hang out where he works.He's was off work for two weeks and their minds came up with this.Kids!
I'm glad to see you stopped by.I read your blog all the time.*Wink*

hereIam51757 57F
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9/7/2006 4:10 pm

So, Charles, do you want me to kick some "little girl" asses?
Belair High is not far from where I live in Parkville!


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