the medicine wheel  

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the medicine wheel

moxie gained from brushing with a medicine wheel …

or screwing in a light bulb …

yet another somewhat conspicuously interpolated touch of the Touchstones …

“The ancient spiritual teachings of the Cheyenne … tell us that we meet ourselves in almost everything we confront. A group of [AdultFriendFinder bloggers] spending a night on a mountaintop will each have a different experience [as perhaps will different groups of AdultFriendFinder bloggers screwing in a light bulb]. One may be [overcum] with a sense of awe, another may spend every moment gripped by fear, and another may sleep the night away. While the mountain is the same, each has brought himself to it and has a different [mountaintop] experience. When we meet an animal, [conceivably the beast within], feel a touch, or take a hike down the street, [or just take a hike], we see a reflection of ourselves and of humanity.

This day is a Medicine Wheel for each of us. Our response to today’s circumstances will tell us more about ourselves. We need not waste energy judging [our moxie] harshly, but learn from our feelings and reactions. Our reflections point the way for further [moxie, yet no doubt a rather subtle form of near enlightenment].

Any idea, person or object can be a Medicine Wheel, a mirror for [more moxie]. The tiniest flower can be such a mirror, as can a wolf, a story, [a pussy], a [legend, fable, saga, tale, relationship, myth, or relationship myth], [a mountaintop experience], [a mint julep, an AdultFriendFinder floozie, or a mere light bulb]. Sir Monsieur Hyemeyohsts Storm &

“Today, I will look for my own reflection in what I meet and for the [moxie] of all humanity.” -- Touchstones: The April Fool’s Day Initiative [a rather interpolated, somewhat detailed (separated from tail) account, as somewhat documented and annotated in my brand spankin new BIBLIOGRAPHY post.] “Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you.” -- PSALM 73:25 NIV

other shades of moxie gained from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary…


to be continued??? … quite possibly???

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