the beast within  

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the beast within

duly, indubitably, and innately contributed by a spokesman for the specimen with greetings and salutations from the nooky fairy
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By way of introduction the following is but one [actually one of many rather arcane and quite unique readings of inveterate funny farm fodder] which for this particular selection I prefer to peruse and quote word for word with very little unleashed editorial savvy except perhaps for a occasional unsuspecting word or two here and there principally for clarity and/or for heterogeneity [typically enclosed in brackets: yet sometimes I forget the brackets], beginning with a separate but rather inseparable introductory quote attributed to one Monsieur Hermann Hesse and quite indubitably as follows:

"If not for the beast within us we would be castrated angels."

Let us not confuse the surrender, humility, and serenity of this regimen [indeed quite a survival regimen of uncovering and recovering] with the perfection of angels. Today we are more alive [because of sex, perhaps a mere Freudian slip], because we are no longer destroying ourselves, or numbing ourselves, or shaming ourselves, huh? We are rather enlightened specimen [if not somewhat like unto that of a rather fascinated deer in a headlight] perhaps with the strength, savvy, and moxie we need to meet the problems and excitements of the day. We may get ourselves into trouble by our shortsightedness or mistaken ideas. That is why we need to continue to take inventory of ourselves and continue to be accountable [if not obnoxious].

We are now [perhaps] on a spiritual path [a veritable numen] that leads toward fuller [enlightenment]. We accept the beast within. More than that, we like him. He has the same source as our [enlightened] strength. As we get better acquainted with him, he brings a sense of awe and mystery about the untamed parts of ourselves. He instills us with zest and vitality that we release as explosions of energy and power. He is in the music we love and in our dancing. He comes out in out daydreams and night dreams [and wet dreams] ‒ in our labor and sweat [and orgasms]. And he is in our trickery and humor [and in our controvertible persiflage].

[Rather instinctively quoted and moderately messed over here somewhat as exactly found in my rather inventively annotated copy of "Touchstones," a damn good handbook for Men, or anyone else who would dare read it, at least once. Most of us hard core dunces can't read it just once. It's sort of like sex: once is hardly enough, especially if you usually get off before really getting enough? Just bear with me? Monsieur

Perhaps we should now focus our attention on a rather verily and invariable elapsed saltation, quite a pregnant entity if there ever was one, my liege?

The kangaroo, the frog, and the flea all move by means of saltation, using their powerful hind legs to propel their bodies through the air, and of course arrived on the scene by a somewhat common, uncommon, and in common saltation of leaps and bounds.

The human soul, if indeed not merely the beast within, arrived on the scene perhaps by means of a rather profound saltation, indeed a higher taxon in essentially a single evolutionary step that otherwise as perhaps somewhat inexplicably embodied in some especially former rather dead end theories is now quite widely held and perhaps quite authoritatively so to be due to a rather major mutation of some otherwise quite unknown cause indeed, except perhaps as though somehow miraculously enlivened by the very bad breath of some rather enounced and timeless creator?

florallei 100F

7/8/2006 9:54 am

AAAAhhhhh the joy of being human....with desires that can be quenched by another...I enjoy this side until such a time when I can be in that other dimension of live in eternity...but I will be patient...too much to live for here on earth...
Evolution an interesting and flawed theory is widely accepted...hard to believe it was unpopular and even shunned when it was first it is worshiped as truth...I suppose it takes faith to believe it's concept...I much prefer the other side of a Creator blowing the breath of life without the said bad breath...hehehe...Flo

Should I leave bread crumbs so you will find me around your posts?

somethingelse40 replies on 7/8/2006 10:44 am:
Should you leave bead crumbs the birds would have a field day and your trail would soon vanish. Just leave a bit of yourself at each post with evidence of the joy of being human, and vulnerable....with desires that can only be quinched by another equally responsive human, then perhaps a spirited Dove will somehow guide me to the next one.

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