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3/27/2006 5:05 am

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4/1/2006 6:10 pm

fun and games

sentiments from the cranium ...

[That was a size 6. Does that feel about right to you as well?]

... to be continued … Sometimes, believe it or not, I believe it myself???

on {or perhaps somehow somewhat inexplicably regarding} My first [piece, jilt, ???]

(yet perhaps [don't hold your breath forever, my liege] my last and always and eternally groovy) … ”

… quoting you quite voluptuously, no doubt:

“Look into my eyes
I thought it was you

stepping oh so softy
making sure that your words
left not the slightest sound

the touch made me gently stir
and the echo of your breath
still ringing in my mind

arousing my body


Guess Who???

[a rather amused and somewhat irrelevant smiley face goes here of course]

Such emotion; such depth; such woman;
Such woman in the woman:
How could I ever resist such haunting,
dorkish, and quintessential essence?

In fact,
I don’t feel myself resisting,
a'tall, not a'tall …
not even one little bit,
nor yet one little wit.

It’s all so libidinaly profound,
incredibly alluring,
spontaneously cranking my tractor,
incessantly, indefinitely ‘til kingdom cum.

No way Jose to ever succumb to resist such opulence,
such woman-ness, such class, such astounding:

One night with you, Princess, and we could invariably,
unequivocally and quite unfathomably consider my day made,
if not irrevocably tore up!!!

Alas, and yet another, no less:

Are you with me
*you could sense the tension*

I just wanna feel ya
*i knew it was only time before*

Talk to me....I need to know
*we both knew how it was*

I love it when you say that to Me
*i love it when You say that to me*

The time was right for Us...wasn't it
*why can't it last*

Baby I won't forget....

Same Guess Who???

that narrow road that winds dead ahead …

Let no one be deluded that a knowledge
of the path can substitute for putting
one foot in front of the other.

M.C. Richards
perhaps you thought it was M.C. Hammer???

My therapy is quite simple: the dog wags his tail and licks my face until I begin to feel good about myself again. Surprisingly, he sometimes gets some rather amusing symptoms of a cock wagging the dog.

Recent sentiments provoking the nooky fairy: “The radiation from your halo is bad for the environment and wearing feathers is politically incorrect!”

We don’t supply sugar or mouth openers for your sugar plumbs. That’s our dental plan.

I haven’t read your blog yet, my liege, but I already have some ideas on how to improve it.

No hair, no teeth, no muscles, no job, no car… if things don’t improve, there’s no way I’m a gonna get an inflatable date for this weekend.

We’d like everything to be as romantic as possible: could someone cum on our pizza?

Our Dieter’s Special is a big plate of lasagna. That comes with garlic bread, dessert, and a lengthy list of attractive and oversexed sugar plums, and pissed celebrities.

Hello 911, we’ve got swivel-chair road rage and a well hung stud on the fourth floor.

My team is developing the world’s greatest search engine. We’ve used it to find rare bijous, sugar plums, your wallet, and desperate housewives!

Our plan is to make you famous like Ronald McDonald, Barney, Teletubbies, and … Soon every dish on AdultFriendFinder will want to procure your vulcanized flabbergasters and custom galvanized plumbing fixtures!

I’ve been top guru for 25 years. The secret to my longevity: Always jerk off and stretch before they reach for your wallet.

Instead of a résumé or a revealing photo or profile, I’ve posted my daily horoscope and all scores for the past year. You’ll see that I’m a relatively inexperienced dork who’s no doubt destined for great things!

Why very few Super Sugar Plums and Blonds Own Computers: They haven’t installed any software yet because they don’t your hard drive to go away!

Of course I have web feet, but they’re useless without all of the footloose sugar plums on a typical AdultFriendFinder blog.

Can’t we just enjoy a nice romp without stopping to measure your pulse every five minutes?

AdultFriendFinder: you’re so trendy, it’s pathetic!

to be continued … Sometimes I believe it myself???

I give you my word, and my mooneyes@@ honor, Princess, I will henceforth not spam your current post more that once or twice at most before you begin a new one, okay: only then will I obsessively proceed with unfinished sentiments, okay???

... photo pending another rather curious investigation ...

Closure at last: photo complements of
the nooky fairy ?*

Je me rapellerai toujours vous a mon coeur. happyf; happyf; happyf; happyf; happyf; happyf; happyf; happyf;

Alas, please leave knockout or other amusing comments, free of charge, no less ... pretty please with sugar on it???

overall sizzle: {=} ...\8 ?*

somethingelse40 76M
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3/28/2006 3:33 am

I feel so
wretched ‒ ugly

I don’t want
to go to Wyoming.

I’m in the
deepest, darkest
hole & can’t
get out.

I destroyed
my life because
I’m suicidal
and still am.

It’s getting
worse the longer
I stay sick
or go without

an anonymous pen,
needs our prayers

rm_mm0206 70F
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3/28/2006 10:28 am

I want one of those swings....

how erotic is that?

somethingelse40 replies on 3/28/2006 10:39 am:
Um, mm0206, cum and get it???

Y'all cum now ya heah???

The nooky fairy is waiting???

@@ somethingelse40

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
9753 posts
3/29/2006 4:40 am

Creative there skippy

Purry {=}


somethingelse40 replies on 3/29/2006 5:56 am:
That's quite a nice consolation prize, Purry: does it ever get any better than that???

Thanks a bunch???

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