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What royal diadem of insatiable adornment could be more fitting and proper for yon sugar plum floozies or commensurate drag queens perhaps than that rather simple and drop dead elegant yet all frills garter???

Ballroom dance of course, especially the Latin genre is essentially all about that rather high and glamorous art of some rather liberal and generous creative offers one can’t refuse, made in sizzling, inveterate, inedible, edible, and incredible make my day seduction, the dance of the sugar plumb floozies, liberally spiced of course with some rather exiguous Saran wrap and shoe strings with tinsels type costumes, the dare look eye makeup, drop dead gorgeous athleticism, long sultry gazes interlaced with heavy and obnoxious breathing and highly suggestive undulations in organic chemistry, notwithstanding all of the somewhat unsubstantiated rumors that so many of the so called leading “guys” in the genre are preferentially gay, some saying they actually prefer dancing, sometimes overhearing such astounding sounding and incredibly off the wall sounding remarks perhaps such as “better than sex!” or “who needs sex?”. I’m usually among the first to answer that question.

Even so, you cupcakes, if you’re still reading this, thus far, you would likely have the physique and talent and stamina for it, if not the interest, to perhaps to go as far as you wish or perhaps as far as your booty might be propelled, indeed while capturing that vast moving experience of a lifetime in putting out, yet no less perhaps the ultimate challenge in getting physical. Even so it could take years to develop that convincing look of confidence to sort of just let your hair down or perhaps cut it all off and dye it orange and just sort of let it all hang out. Mine generally tends to hang over, but the dance helps keep it in check, or at least within the age of reason, notwithstanding the reason of age, if you git my drift. Incidentally I’ve reached the stage now that when a girl looks at me I almost instinctively look down to see if my fly is unzipped.

The smooth and modern genres can be quite elegant, intoxicating, and exasperating as well, if not quite as much fun to learn, notwithstanding the timeless ordeal of getting it on with the same old partner day in and day out. You’ll know that ballroom dance has arrived when the prize money gets up there in the range with golfers and hookers. Personally I’m holding out for the big money. For now there may actually be more registered bungee jumpers than professional ballroom dancers, which would probably be cheaper in the long run, unless of course if you survived.

another brush with some rather severely interpolated Touchstones …

“What passions have swept away our reasoning powers? What lusts have we pursued at the cost of our values and better judgment? As specimen in this [life/genre], we know [perhaps all too well] the ferocious winds of addiction and [instability]. Now [perhaps] we’re in a [pickle yet hopefully perhaps] of recovery, [perhaps and] learning to combine our sensual sides with our minds and our morals [what morals, huh?].

“Every day we feel the winds of our senses [the nooky fairy perhaps, if you will, perhaps even if you won’t], and they are part of what gives us life. [Perhaps, yet perhaps] We can let them blow and not be carried away by them. In this way we take pleasure in being human beings [rather than incredibly endangered specimen]. We have our [craniums], our thoughts, and our knowledge [and hunches] to turn to for guidance [and trial and error perhaps]. And we have our inner voice ‒ [the nooky fairy] ‒ on which we can rely through even the wildest [Katrina, no doubt].

Indeed, perhaps we are now learning to make room in reality for our senses and craniums, the nooky fairy and pussies???

Restless man’s mind is,
So strongly shaken
In the grip of the senses. . . .
Truly I think
The wind is no wilder.


And yet perhaps:

There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.
Han Suyin

Please leave knockout or other amusing comments, free of charge no less ... pretty please with whipped cream on it???

Alas, no knockout pic has yet emerged, but I'm still working on it, if you git my drift???

Alas, the nooky fairy finally came through once again with another knockout pic, huh???

Are not four pussies generally better than one?

Is not Idaho the floozie state???

overall sizzle: {=} /8 sucks one better now

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